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For those who were not with me back in 2008, I did an epic LJ liveblog of election night. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to keep up tonight since time has passed and the internets have changed, I interact more with people on Twitter now.

Still...why not.

Races I'm watching in WI:
Senate, WI-District 1(this is where I live and yes this is Paul Ryan's congressional district. I loathe the little bastard), WI-Senate 14(a personal friend of mine is running for state senate there)

Other races:
IN, MA, and MO senate races, all the marriage equality bills.

So to start...I just got home from work.

Most states that have polls that have closed are too close to call. NH is for Obama, SC, IN, WV, KY are all for Romney. None of these are a surprise. Romney 33, Obama 3.

(watching Ohio's results with my heart in my throat)

Will update later with changes. I have a job this time around, but fuck it, I will Red Bull it tomorrow if I have to. As a political junkie, this is one of my big nights. =P

Plus I start making more mistakes the later it gets.

7:00pm CST:
Polls just closed in a fuckload of states. FL, IL, NH, PA, GA, NJ, MA, TN, MA, AL, CT, OK, MS, RI, DE, DC, ME, MO.

Romney takes GA, TN, AL, and OK. Obama takes IL, MA, ME, RI, CT, DE, and DC. Rest are too close or too early to call. Some of this is storm-related, and really hope people were able to vote in affected areas today.

Obama 64, Romney 82.

7:50 CST: I think Arkansas was called for Romney, but I was cooking dinner. I should really mix myself a bloody mary before all the 8pm CST poll closings (including WI) happen and I type a lot and go to Twitter jail. Obama 64 Romney 88. I think NJ was also projected for Obama but they're still counting votes.

Also, Cory Booker is the coolest mayor ever.

Polls closing at 8:00pm CST: MI, WI, MN, NY, ND, SD, NE, KS, TX, AZ, CO.

Elizabeth Warren is MA's new senator and there was much rejoicing in my Twitter feeds. Also, I happy-danced.

8:09 pm: Now that I'm done happy-dancing over MI doing me proud, MI, NY, NJ all officially called for Obama. ND, SD, NE, TX called for Romney. I think. Current rankings Obama 128 Romney 153. Waiting with all the baited breath on PA, VA, FL, and OH to get called.

8:20 pm CST: PA goes for Obama! FUCK YES. Obama 148 Romney 153

Rumor has it that Tammy Baldwin has won WI's senate seat. I've not seen a call on TV of this or an official source, but it's flying around and her opponent, while well-known, is an ASSHOLE. Debbie Stabenow has definitely kept her Senate seat in MI.

8:48 pm CST: WISCONSIN GOES FOR OBAMA! OH HELL YES! And the Romney-Ryan ticket lost all their home states. Being a Michigan native and a current Janesville WI resident....I can explain the reasons behind that if you'd like. (They are fucking NUTS) Obama 158 Romney 153

Also switched from stress eating birthday cake to stress drinking a bloody mary. Waiting for any of the big 3 swing states left to topple. If any of them goes for Obama, this is over.

Obama 162 Romney 153 Think they finalized NH and that one's now in Obama's total count. I blame the vodka at this point.

Polls closing at 10pn: NV, MT, UT, and IA.

My main twitter account is in Twitter jail. Dammit.

9:02 pm CST: NV and IA too early to call. UT and MT go for Romney. Obama 162, Romney 162.

9:48 pm CST: They are being damn cautious calling the big swing states left over. MN goes to Obama, MO, AZ and WY go to Romney. Obama 172, Romney 184.

I'm not going to sleep well at all tonight.
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