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Officially filing for divorce.

How about a book survey instead? That's more fun.

Day 1- A book you are reading right now
Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

Day 2 - The book you want to read next
I've got a bit of a pile going on a bookshelf. I picked up Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce used at Goodwill the other day, maybe that one?

Day 3 - Your favourite book
Oh wow.....Magician by Raymond E. Feist is possibly my favorite book. Either that or The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

Day 4 - Book you hate
50 Shades of Grey is by far the worst book I have ever read in my life. A Tale of Two Cities held that honor for close to twelve years too.

Day 5 - A Book you can read again and again
I think I re-read The Belgariad/The Mallorean more than any other series. Easy, silly, decent story.

Day 6 - A book you can only read once (no matter you love or hate it)
Life of Pi. Phenomenal book, but I don't think it's one I would ever be able to read again.

Day 7 - Book that reminds you of someone
Magician and The Lord of the Rings remind me of my dad-he and I are both into fantasy.

Day 8 - Book that reminds you of a certain place
Drawing a blank on this one...I suppose Superpowers reminds me of Madison, what with it taking place here and the university and square being mentioned often?

Day 9 - The first book you ever read
A picture book involving witches. Also I was 4. I could read in pre-school and kindergarten.

Day 10 - Book from your favourite author
*tries to think of a favorite author*

Day 11 - Book you once loved and now hate
The Babysitter's Club series? Well it's more I see how utterly ridiculous the entire thing and characters are now that I'm older and thankfully, LJ gave me [community profile] bsc_snark for this.

Day 12 - Book that a friend recommended
A friend in college recommended Ken Follett's books to me.

Day 13 - Book that makes you laugh
Good Omens. I had to keep taking breaks I was cracking up so much.

Day 14 - Book from your childhood
A Wrinkle in Time.

Day 15 - 4th book from the left on your shelf
I have three bookcases. Oh fine. The Black Gryphon by Mercedes Lackey. Bookcase most to my left.

Day 16 - 9th book from the right on your shelf
New York City Pocket Guide. Bookcase most to my right.

Day 17 - Close your eyes and get any book from your shelf
I'll go for the middle bookcase here, how's that? The Little Paris Kitchen.

Day 18 - Book with the most beautiful cover
I am not going through all my books to narrow this one down, all right? Some are still in my fricking garage.

I'll go with Understanding Exposure.

Day 19 - Book that you never wanted to read
Plenty from school qualify, but I did end up reading 50 Shades of Grey on a dare. BLECH. It's a miracle I finished it. I've killed less brain cells binging on tequila.

Day 20 - Book that you read at school
I read plenty of books at school. I'll go with Pride and Prejudice, mostly cause I liked that one.

Day 21 - Most stupid book you read at school
Tale of Two Cities was the only book I ever read at school that I had to cliff-note my way through because I just couldn't make myself read it anymore. And I read plenty of stupid books at school. The Pearl was another terrible one.

Day 22 - Book on your shelf with the most pages
I think To Green Angel Tower is going to take the prize on that one. I need to finish that series one of these days.

Day 23 - Book on your shelf with the least pages
Bunnicula? I'll go with that. Again, three bookcases, not all my books are unpacked yet, not really that interested in sussing it out that thoroughly.

Day 24 - Book that nobody would expect you read/loved it
Hmm...I read damn near anything...possibly some of Ken Follett's stuff? He tells a good story, but in some cases his writing style can murder the enjoyment of it. His writing can be a bit too crass and not really flow that well at times. Still, The Pillars of the Earth is one of my favorite books of all time.

Day 25 - A book where the main character is almost like you
I'm not sure on this one...I don't really have my entire collection up here so hard to glance around and see. It's been commented on that the main character in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You is like me though, if that gives you some idea?

Hermione and I have a few things in common too. Well, more accurate to say, I was a lot like Hermione when I was Hermione's age. Smart kid in school, still a booklover, made really high grades, etc. Do adore her.

Day 26 - Book you would read to your children
I have no children and never really intend to. My cat doesn't really care if I read to her or not. Maybe a sushi cookbook featuring tuna would grab her attention?

Now I want sushi. I have a strong addiction.

Day 27 - A book where the main character is your idol
I don't think I've read any books where I genuinely idolize the main character.
Hermione from Harry Potter is awesome though, even if she's not the main character. Smart chicks for the win!

Day 28 - Thank God this book was made into a movie
Words you will not hear me say often, if ever, but I'll go with Twilight. I didn't care much for Twilight(and the three books after were worse), but the movie had something resembling a plot before the book did.

Also, I do really like The Lord of the Rings movie series. So pretty. So okay, we can go with that one too.

Day 29 - Darn, why did they make this book into a movie?
Harriet the Spy. And damn near the rest of them.

Day 30 - First erotic book you ever read
Not really into erotic books. I think the Stephanie Plum novels were the first ones I read that had sex scenes. 50 Shades of Grey doesn't count. That entire book was bullshit.

Day 31 - Book series you are collecting
None in particular. I just collect books. Makes moving a pain.
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