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Ask me how I am on June 6th.

Because I think I'm going to be a wreck until then.
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So yesterday turned out to be my last day of work at the Middleton store. I did get a transfer and I'm starting at the Janesville store in early June. I've essentially got a 3.5 week vacation.

I spent yesterday asleep. Got a couple boxes packed up today, currently having a fight with my resume edit, but I think I'll get that thing looking some form of presentable. Now taking a break and watching Star Trek and cooking dinner. Baked turkey, baked asparagus, and thinking of a couple potatoes to go with it.

Today was also the first day of CSA pick-up. I've been wanting to do one for ages, and decided this was the year. They do drop-offs in Janesville too and hopefully changing the pick-up point won't be a problem. But in my first box: green garlic, asparagus, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, and radishes. I told Jason if he picked up pie crusts and some strawberries I would make it worth his while. Jason LOVES strawberry-rhubarb pie. I'm rather fond of it myself. Plus PIE! Pie is always good. =D The box ended up being four bags worth of veggies for me to carry home, and I'm told this is the small box of the season. O_O I might start swimming in veggies later on this season. Good thing I know some preservation methods for most veggies. Plus I make a bitchin' salsa. Right [personal profile] chanter_greenie? ;)

Now I want pie. =P
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Anyone want to come edit my stupid resume for me?

Yeah. I am resume-blocked bigtime over here. I need to have this done by Monday at the latest though.

Maybe I'll do it this weekend? Because lord knows I'm sure as hell not venturing to downtown Madison this weekend. Mifflin block party. It did not go so well last year, plus traffic will BLOW. Have fun downtown Carlie! =P Hope there's no stabbings this year.

I suppose I could trade off resume blocked and start packing?

Fuck I hate packing.

Or start drinking. Now there's a semi-viable option.
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Well, the mansion is ours. Okay, by mansion I mean 2-bedroom apartment. We take possession of it May 11th. That gives us about three weeks of overlap to move everything over and get this place some semblance of looking better.

Started watching Deep Space Nine. Kind of loving this one so far, although it did take me a little bit to recognize Principal Snyder as Quark. =P
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I don't think I'm ready for this.
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I am unavailable to post as I am playing a game that takes up my entire screen.

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Work sucked. More on that later, maybe.

Surprise! visit from Scott today. Slept through his phone calls, but we went out to dinner, was a great evening.

The evening got better. Jenni Dye, a friend of mine, has been running for county board. SHE WON. So after Scott left, I remembered it was election day and checked Twitter and it had just EXPLODED with news of her victory. So we got up, put our pants back on, and went to her victory party.

Now I need to wind down and drag my ass back into bed because I've got another early shift tomorrow. Really don't want to go to work tomorrow. Kind of hoping my boss wasn't fired today. Work has been full of corporate management bullshit lately.
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I suppose I should update this thing.

I'm drunk.

And my neighbors are still really fucking annoying as hell.

We need to find another place soon. I'll miss Madison but I seriously doubt I'll miss this stupid apartment.

Also, I'm drunk. Red wine is awesome.
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I've noticed over time that I have more fun at weddings of friends rather than family.

Conversely, I think going to funerals of friends is worse than funerals of family. But the closest family member I've lost so far is my grandmother, so I suppose personal experience is always open to re-interpretation on that one.

Good-bye Diane. None of us knew you long enough, but I'm glad I knew you while I did. You were fucking awesome.
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Un-diagnosed on the infected fallopian tube, re-diagnosed as having ruptured ovarian cysts.

I guess that would explain the fucking agonizing pain from hell too.

Whatever's wrong with me, it is wiping me out like none other. I can usually manage to limp my way through a work shift, but then I get home and just collapse on the couch for the rest of the day. Going back to the doctor on Thursday. Dreading the arrival of the bills. This is going to be a very expensive month. =\

I did make it downtown for a freaking delicious as hell sushi lunch with [personal profile] chanter_greenie where we got downright silly, as we are wont to do. We agreed we need to do this more often. I think we might need to try a different place. It seems to always be sushi. Sushi is tasty. But I don't think chanter's been to Kabul yet, and they've got some very tasty food too. ^_~
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I finally got my glass of wine today.

It was delicious. ^_^

Based on how it affected me, think I'm going to go back to abstaining until I'm at least done with the antibiotics.
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Lousy fucker of a night. Spent most of it in the hospital. Went while having SEVERE stomach cramps/pains. Was released with not much more information other than having a high white blood cell count and told to come back if it got worse. Last person I know who went to the hospital and was later released with that same description is my brother. He had appendicitis. But it could also be a virus hitting me particularly hard. Or....I could have very early symptoms of appendicitis but there's not much they can do at the moment. Told to take it easy for today and the weekend.

I'm going to bed. Been awake since 4am YESTERDAY.

Called off work. My manager gave me no issue with it whatsoever, but I suppose if she really wanted to she could trace the number I called from to St. Mary's. Jason's cell phone died and in the rush to get to the hospital in my moments of sheer hellish agony, I left my phone at home.
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My tooth is not as fucked as I'd feared. Still hurts like the devil at times, but at least I'm not off to the oral surgeon right away like I was last two times a tooth went to hell on me.

....and apparently that's all I've got for now.

Oh. Contemplating something crazy, but not really up to going public with that yet.
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People are being douchebags. >:(

That's all.

Also a friend got me into Star Trek. *hides from everyone*
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God fucking dammit my back hurts.
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Over one million signatures to recall our governor.


Today was kind of insane. And AWESOME.
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I have changed my journal theme to Rarified. With the color scheme, I know what this was based off of. Not sure if this makes me dorky or sad and pathetic. Or possibly it just means I have too much time on my hands. Still haven't figured out how to change my mood theme.

(to those who read my crossposts on LJ, this is all entirely DW based)

Spent my morning reading about Australia, mostly all sorts of wildlife that can kill you. I think the one that most terrified me was the Irukandji jellyfish. I still wanna visit the place, don't get me wrong, but EEEEEK. Oh, and those spiders. Holy hell. I hate the fucking spiders over here, in the upper midwest, where we USUALLY get lots of cold weather and snow to kill the fuckers off once a year. This year seems to be the glaring exception because Canada's hogging all the cold air. I know, I know...but I am really missing a month or two of winter shitball weather. This spring-esque weather just seems....wrong.

Not much else going on. Told the recruiter I wasn't available at any of the other times she offered and I think this is what's really irritating me. She's asking and asking and asking for a time when I can interview, I tell her what it is, and she tells me no, that won't work, but these times will! If there's only a few set times that I can choose from, JUST FUCKING TELL ME THOSE TIMES IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE. At least she stopped calling me. I mean yeah, it's the weekend, but I only got one call yesterday morning. I suppose it is possible that my phone has died too, the battery was really low last time I checked.

Think Jason and I are planning a daytrip to get the hell away from here for a bit tomorrow. Not sure where we're going this time. But the weather should be nice. =P
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I've not had any days off from work aside from Christmas Day over the past two weeks, so while my schedule next week consists of a whole three hours(which is ass), I am looking forward to getting some rest for a bit.

Some other things that have made the short list of plans:
-re-read the Harry Potter books(just finished Sorcerer's Stone)
-murder my loud annoying neighbors in their sleep
-go downtown with chanter_greenie and get silly
-finish my puzzle
-do laundry(this one's kind of a necessity at this point)
-kill my neighbors some more
-look for another job
-take the tree down, clean up a bit
-sleep? maybe?

Sleep sounds good.

In spite of two weeks of antibiotics, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Hope this isn't planning on sticking around.

Oh yeah, and I've fucking waited long enough. New episode of Sherlock on Sunday. Over a year I've been waiting now. This had better be damned good.
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Well, in light of LJ's recent fuckery and their continued attempts to ruin the place...

I don't think I'm leaving, not completely. There's too many communities here that aren't there that I'd miss, but I've noticed in general that I really don't write here as much as I used to. some of that's the current situation, aka I have no fucking free time, recovering from the fucking plague while working two jobs and trying to cram in whatever sleep I can get whenever. Do think I'm definitely done being a paying member. Way to ruin your own fucking site LJ.

Suppose I should get my ass ready for work. Last night at the toy store, thank fucking goodness.


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