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Dec. 5th, 2008 02:18 pm
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DO. NOT. WANT. Not after that serious train wreck that was season three.

Dear God, I hope my mother doesn't hear about this(seems unlikely she will, unless this isn't a serious load of bullshit. I think it will never happen, myself. What's left to tell that anyone would fucking want to watch?). She seems to lack the ability to make a judgment call on when TV shows go to shit, because writers of shows are God? Character development is good, even if the characters turn into people nobody would ever give a damn about? I don't know. The early part of season three I was still feeling forgiving, and got her addicted to the show. But if I hear her tell me one more time about THE LOOK THE LOOK LOGAN VERONICA FOREVER, OMG, PIZ ISN'T HER TWU WUV, I will commit matricide. Rationalize it all you want, Season three was still a colossal piece of shit and my brains are forever worse off because I watched it.

Thank god the internet is more on my side in this one. ^_~


Not a whole hell of a lot going on in real life. I'm getting a lot of junk job offers in my e-mail since I applied for one on Monster. Several require that I have a bank account, and they pay $150,000 a year. Oh, really? Gosh, sign me right up! Covance never called me back. I have to go back to Ohio this weekend, probably tomorrow, for job interviews in Cleveland and Akron. The one in Cleveland's on the east side of town, so not a horrible drive. The one in Akron, I'd have to move. I do have a couple friends in that area. I see in spite of myself, there are people in Ohio I call friends. :p My back is in sheer hell still, but it's not making me scream in pain like it was yesterday...shit, I hope I don't have to eat my words there.

Paid bills today. I haven't raided my savings account as badly as I'd initially thought. Well, that's good. I just need to Christmas shop for Jason's parents and my nieces. I'm so bad at buying kid's gifts. They're too young for the science sets, I already know they have more toys than they know what to do with. Maybe I'll just get them both a copy of Where The Sidewalk Ends and call it good?

I think Jason and I have plans to cause trouble in Lansing. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, as my back pain is seriously limiting my mobility. Maybe Rum Runners for a couple hours though?
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Category: Stickers I Got To Stare At In Traffic Today


WARNING: This vehicle is not designed to hold anything on the roof. Loading anything onto the roof of this vehicle may cause extensive damage.

For $10,000 internet dollars, what is the question?

EDIT: Okay, time up.

"Why does the fucking car have a fucking roof rack?"

[ profile] robertmtu had a very good guess, via AIM, but sorry to say, my boyfriend is smarter than all of you. ;)


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