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George W. Bush is no longer our president.

I have been waiting/looking forward to this day for damn near six years. I knew after watching Powell sell his soul and know he was selling his soul to the UN that Bush just needed to go. It's been a long eight years.

Thanks to everyone who got me drunk on my 22nd birthday, I needed that. :) Oh, and dinner at The Library, that was good too. :)

I watched some of the, the swearing in. The poems, music and all...while the selection is decent, on the whole, it mostly just reminds me of my high school graduation, and everyone I know had a hard time staying awake through that.

On the whole, I don't really have much to say that I haven't already said.

Except this.

President Obama, do me a huge favor. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP. Oh sure, I expect some things to go wrong or some bad decisions to be made. But in the grand scheme of things...DO NOT FUCK THIS UP.

Oh yeah, and this. =^_^=

With that in mind, I'm going to go retire a few icons that served me well in 2008 and do something moderately productive. Or sleep the day away again. I'm not sure yet.
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Nebraska and Maine are the only two states that may split their electoral vote based on what the vote tallies are in their congressional districts.

Neither state has ever split its vote before.

Until now. Omaha has gone blue.
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I tried sleeping. I just could not fall asleep. I've been awake for 24 hours.

Oh well. My brother owes me a phone call or the cost of lunch at Cedar Point from a few months ago. :p
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This is how I will keep myself entertained/occupied, and possibly how I will keep you annoyed. :p I'll update this pretty continuously all night.

I possibly should have transferred schools and majored in poly sci instead of chemistry. :p

5:00pm: Election coverage starts. New Hampshire has 1% of polls reporting in. 67% for Obama.
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9:25pm: OHIO IS CALLED FOR OBAMA! Fuck yeah Ohio. FUCK YEAH!!! Obama-195, McCain-75.

Seriously, I did. ^_^

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CA, OR, WA, and HI have gone for Obama, 284 total. VA projected to go for Obama as well-297.

Holy hell, this election was over FAST compared to the last two.

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I'm going to have a great birthday. I already have.

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2:08am: INDIANA HAS GONE BLUE! That's on the same HOLY SHIT level as OHIO. Good show, Great Lakes region! Every Great Lake state has gone blue. I knew I loved this region! ^_^ Obama-349, McCain-159. Last time Indiana went blue was in 1964.

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6:00am: I'm going to bed. :p

Nov. 5th daytime news/commentary )

President-Elect Obama's Speech in Grant Park, Chicago )

I'll probably update this when NC gets called-according to The Daily Show(I've admittedly had better sources, but Jon did call the election last night, first comedian to ever do that), NC went to Obama, maybe Oregon's senate seatMerkley(D) wins Oregon's Senate seat. The other three senate races will be unknown for quite some time(maybe not AK, but Ted's likely losing it right away again-damn felony convictions). Beyond that, I think I'm pretty much done. I had way too much fun doing this. Best round of power insomnia ever, set a record for longest hours I've gone without sleep-not intentional, btw. I think I also got more comments on this entry than anything else I've ever posted. So thanks for reading and commenting and participating in the democratic process.

Oh, fail.

Nov. 4th, 2008 03:33 pm
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Got another robocall. Starts out "Hi this is John McCain."

And proceeds to repeat this sentence twelve times. I was laughing my ass off! What obsolete piece of shit technology are you using that the fucking thing kept skipping?! I know your campaign is broke, but surely you can afford something invented in the 90's?

Whoever decided to make robocalls legal should be shot non-fatally and left to bleed to death. I am SICK of them. Most are not as funny as this one was. Curious though-did anyone else get robocalled this election? With one exception, every single call was GOP-related. I'd vote against them just for annoying me with the fucking calls if I weren't already such a massive liberal.

Comedy Central is rerunning The Daily Show and The Colbert Report all day. Mom and I are watching the nice satire until election coverage begins at around 5. Took mom to vote. No waits. Of course not. We're in 'real' America. Although I think the longest I ever waited was in South Lyon, MI to vote for Gore in 2000. Well over an hour there.
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Sleeping pills. Well...I got sleep, such as it was, but I hate those things. And it made me really nauseous after I took it.

Well, I've more or less heard from most of my friends voting today that long lines are pretty much a fucking given. I still have to take my mom to vote-we live in Ohio, so our votes actually COUNT. :p We live in such a small town that I'm hoping we won't have the damned lines.

Alas, I just know this state is going to fucking piss me off today.

Any shenanigans at your voting place, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE and tell them about it.
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New Hampshire's small town poll results are starting to come in(21 registered voters, 15 for Obama, 6 for McCain. Bradley Effect, eat your heart out).

I? Am not going to sleep at all. I should probably drug myself to sleep, I do need to drive my mom about eight miles round trip tomorrow.

I am just so fucking antsy. My cat just watched me kinda dance around the room like a fool. Now I'm watching Conan O'Brien, mostly because The Decemberists are on. Thanks for the Tarkio addiction, [ profile] buffyx. :p

Oh god. I'll probably update a lot tomorrow. I picked up chips and salsa, dug out my liquor collection, we have plenty of popcorn, and beer. I am set. I got something else as a surprise. Mom and I will be watching MSNBC, might take a break to watch Comedy Central from 10-11. :p I can't believe this might all be over in 21 hours.

Fuck, I even want to see Christmas ads instead of political ads.

Longest election of our lives. No wonder my drinking game practically guarantees blacking out.
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We just got another robocall, except it was from Barack Obama instead of the Ohio GOP. Not sure if anyone else is getting robo-called to within an inch of their lives, but I'm not even keeping track of the GOP ones we've gotten. Maybe they should rethink their don't want to annoy potential voters to your cause by pissing them off with all the fucking robocalls.

Anywho, the reason I'm posting.


Hey, you may not need one, but fuck it all, I do.

1) Get your ass to the polls and vote.
2) Plop down in front of your news source of choice, and watch the results.

Take one drink whenever:
-A state Bush won in 2004 goes red.
-A state Kerry won in 2004 goes blue.
-Your state goes the color you want it to go.

Take two drinks whenever:
-A state won by Bush in 2004 goes blue.
-A state won by Kerry in 2004 goes red.
-Your state goes the color you don't want it to go.
-A swing state is too close to call.
current toss-up states as of Real Clear Politics on Nov. 3rd: Florida(of course), Ohio(of course), Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, North Dakota, Montana, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri(MO and NC are the ones to watch).

Take three drinks when:
-The election comes down to one major swing state. Take another drink if that state is Ohio or Florida. Keep drinking if that state is too close to call by Nov. 5th. Have another drink if you live in that state.
-Obama/McCain loses their home state.

Keep drinking until you pass out when:
-You start to get flashbacks to 2000 or 2004 and need to pass out instead of hyperventilate.
-Your candidate loses.

Take a shot and put on your party hat when:
-Your candidate wins!

I'll be up all night. I've been suffering through this election for the past two years, I'll see it to the end. I seriously hope to have a happy birthday this election year. If nothing else, I'll obviously be very very not sober. :p
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Two more days.

I've got six beers left and several bottles of liquor.

Two more days. I'm going to go farking insane. I can't seem to stay away from the online polling sites, and they're starting to give me heart failure.

In dumb news, I spent the afternoon playing Clue while my entire family was doped up on headache drugs. Won three games out of three. I think I honed my Clue skills at Tech. ^_~
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Barack Obama is having a rally on Sunday afternoon in Cleveland Ohio!

I am SO there....maybe...there's a Brown's game at the same time, and that many people downtown will just be a massive clusterfuck. If I make it, great, if not, oh well. I'm not gonna worry about it.

I told my parents about it. I am not going alone either-my dad wants to go with me, but his broken leg won't let him stand up that long.

[ profile] ontd_political, you rock my socks.
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Elizabeth Dole is about to lose her senate seat. She's in North Carolina, I'm registered to vote in Ohio. I could care.

Except...suddenly I do. Not about either candidate running for her seat, but the living fucking proof that in spite of all laws and say-so to the contrary, you need to be an active practicing Christian to hold office in this country. It's a qualification.

I think Colin Powell might well have said the smartest thing while making his endorsement.

"And the right answer is that he's a Christian. But the really right answer is, what if he is a Muslim? What is so wrong with a 7-year-old Muslim[non-Christian]-American thinking he or she can grow up to be President of the United States?"

Sing it. And I really wish Kay Hagan had said something to this effect, but I'm not surprised that she didn't.

I am not nor have I ever seriously planned on running for office-90% of my entire platform would probably involve shooting lobbyists(the other 10% would go towards furthering the Atheist Agenda and the Gay Agenda...any other agendas that the fundies will shit a brick over that I forgot?). It still seriously pisses me off that how religious you are is a stronger indication of your electability than how good at the job you are. We're not there yet.
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John McCain is going to be in Mentor, OH tonight. I was tempted to go to Borders tonight, but Mentor is one of those special towns where the traffic just manages to suck all the time. I entertained the thought of going for a full twelve seconds to see how small a crowd he draws, but really, my blood pressure probably needs to go down. That and I'd probably get tossed out. :p

I think I'm the only one who didn't watch the Obama informercial last night-my parents and boyfriend did. I chose a rerun of The Daily Show. As much as I'm following political news, I've already voted. I don't need any more advertising. It's too late to change my mind, and I doubt I would anyways. Stewart/Colbert 2008? Maddow/Olbermann 2008? :p The second pair. Those two are making me love them so much this year. :)

Speaking of advertising, I got a huge packet from the Geauga GOP. I doubt Geauga County has a Democratic party chapter. In any case, they wrote a letter saying their candidates are the only clear choice and to vote for them. No reasons given. Also, a list of clear choices. Once again, no reasons given for why their candidates are qualified. Fail. At first I was kinda offended, then I just wished they'd gotten the list to me sooner. I voted a couple of weeks ago, I could have used a list of people to not vote for with me. :p By comparison, the Ohio Democratic Party has sent out a few advertisements and fliers. While they don't necessarily have the room to give a big list of reasons, they do give some, plus they list a bunch of references at the bottom of the flier to back up their plans. I think the Geauga GOP thinks we're stupid...or at least hopes so. Speaking of stupid, we elect our coroners. Why the fuck is that an elected position?! I think I might've left that part of my ballot blank. I don't give a fuck about the party affiliation of the fucking coroner. I want someone who can do their damn job there.

For everyone concerned about the election coming down and Ohio screwing the country all the way over it stands now, we're not the state you need to be worried about. Missouri, Indiana, and North Carolina are much more evenly split than Ohio is. Georgia. Wait. GEORGIA is now a toss-up state. That fact alone should signal the Lions winning the Superbowl next year.

I cannot wait until the next five days are over.


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