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Work sucked. More on that later, maybe.

Surprise! visit from Scott today. Slept through his phone calls, but we went out to dinner, was a great evening.

The evening got better. Jenni Dye, a friend of mine, has been running for county board. SHE WON. So after Scott left, I remembered it was election day and checked Twitter and it had just EXPLODED with news of her victory. So we got up, put our pants back on, and went to her victory party.

Now I need to wind down and drag my ass back into bed because I've got another early shift tomorrow. Really don't want to go to work tomorrow. Kind of hoping my boss wasn't fired today. Work has been full of corporate management bullshit lately.
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I've noticed over time that I have more fun at weddings of friends rather than family.

Conversely, I think going to funerals of friends is worse than funerals of family. But the closest family member I've lost so far is my grandmother, so I suppose personal experience is always open to re-interpretation on that one.

Good-bye Diane. None of us knew you long enough, but I'm glad I knew you while I did. You were fucking awesome.
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Good lord. [ profile] noxika, I seriously hope you're all right. Queensland just cannot catch a fucking break.

Yes, I'm currently getting spanked by one hell of a blizzard which has mostly surprised me by living up to the media hype. I think it's worse at the lakefront, but this is really not pleasant. I might go out and get some pictures when the wind dies down. But it's not months of severe flooding and then a tropical storm that rivals Katrina, it's just a really bad snowstorm. We get them. A few times a year. Most of them aren't quite this massive. Or bad. Usually midwestern snowstorms don't make the news. =P

Jason was told to work from home for tomorrow. I think most of his coworkers live in Janesville and could make it to the office if needed, but he's on help desk and the office line has been routed to his cell phone. He's seriously expecting a snow day, cause if he's telecommuting, most of his company's clients probably aren't gonna be working too hard either. I suspect video games might be a theme tomorrow. Or cheeseball movies.
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I'm home. I need a shower so very badly.

Also I am craving sushi something fierce.

I'd also like to go to bed (OH MY GOD A REAL BED IN A FUCKING TEMPERATE CLIMATE IT WAS SO FUCKING COLD AT NIGHT), but Jason's washing all the a good idea, I just want to go to bed NOW.

People ended up naked in the river, people ended up naked running around the cabin, people passed out and woke up drunk, Matt did not jump off the roof, and I took a ton of photos(none of naked people, and really, that's a good thing). I think it was the most fun I've ever had at a Smelt Fry. Except for the attempting to sleep part. It got REALLY FUCKING COLD at night, and things that are useful to me and Jason once or twice a year, like our cold-weather sleeping bags(it's probably worth pointing out that this was the warmest Smelt Fry I've ever been to by FAR, but we had our sleeping bags at the others), are still in Ohio. We took every blanket in this apartment, and it was not enough, we fucking froze our asses off. I kept waking up I was so cold. the shower!


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