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I've not had any days off from work aside from Christmas Day over the past two weeks, so while my schedule next week consists of a whole three hours(which is ass), I am looking forward to getting some rest for a bit.

Some other things that have made the short list of plans:
-re-read the Harry Potter books(just finished Sorcerer's Stone)
-murder my loud annoying neighbors in their sleep
-go downtown with chanter_greenie and get silly
-finish my puzzle
-do laundry(this one's kind of a necessity at this point)
-kill my neighbors some more
-look for another job
-take the tree down, clean up a bit
-sleep? maybe?

Sleep sounds good.

In spite of two weeks of antibiotics, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Hope this isn't planning on sticking around.

Oh yeah, and I've fucking waited long enough. New episode of Sherlock on Sunday. Over a year I've been waiting now. This had better be damned good.
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Had a great time in Chicago, thanks for all the congratulations. I really needed that day in Chicago, no matter how drop-dead exhausted I was at the end-I'd been awake for over 25 hours by the time we got home. I haven't been in this good a mood in months.

Unfortunately, my camera is hosed. It's still usable, but it does need to be replaced. There's a set of spots that show up in nearly every fucking photo I take, especially if it's outside and the background's a light color. It can be worked around, but it's also a serious pain in the ass. I may try getting it cleaned again, but the professional photographer I just chatted with said it's probably not fixable.

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I have got to find my goddamn card reader. Hard to participate if I can't upload pictures of my artwork or jewelry, which is what I have to offer.
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Shit continues to happen in Wisconsin.

Japan was hit by a massive earthquake a couple hours ago and is now being devastated by tsunamis.

I cannot sleep when this much bad news comes out.

Not that I could sleep well anyways as a matter of course...

Retail therapy planned for tomorrow. Need new jeans. And bras. And underwear. Possibly some patches for my old jeans, see if they can last a little bit longer.

Oh FFS...

Mar. 3rd, 2011 12:52 pm
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Toilet backed up and flooded the bathroom. Got a lot of laundry to do now, mostly consisting of towels and bathroom mats.

Power went out. Came back on quickly, but I've now got clocks to reset.

Waiting for the trifecta...anytime now. Where's a rock through my window?

Ef Em El.

Feb. 1st, 2011 03:03 am
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My colon is making my life damned miserable lately(well, one among many things).

TMI? Yeah well you don't have to live with it.

TomorrowToday is not going to be a good day. And not just because of the weather. I'm not sure if it's living up to the meteorologist's snowpocalypse-like predictions, but I would not want to be out in that mess.
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Hi. I'm still alive. Barely.

I'll try to update this thing some more after Black Friday. I've got to work until then, and I'm already thinking of jumping in the highway just to end the pain and exhaustion.

Need to call the surgeon for my test results. Hope I'm not gonna drop dead. Well...not from whatever the fuck's wrong with me. Dropping dead from exhaustion's looking fairly likely.

About to apply for jobs in Minnesota, near the Twin Cities. I've never been to Minnesota except to change planes that one time and that really doesn't count, but I don't think I'd hate the place.
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Need a rocket launcher for my truck.

The clutch went. Again. Sprained my finger trying to shift it. Fucking wonderful.

Jason thinks he can get a car loan. Let's hope so, or we're really fucked. I can't drive it anymore.

I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry...


Talked to my mom on Friday, she's getting released on Monday. She's doing a lot better. I think I'll call her again today, try to be nice that way. I'll definitely be leaving my brother alone.

Spent a few hours yesterday meeting up w/ [ profile] theatrophyannie for lunch and a walk around Olbritch Botanical Gardens. It was a nice change of pace/distraction. Then I got home, took a nap, got a bad headache, and wished I'd stayed in bed.

Actually, I kinda wish I'd been asleep for all of last week. REALLY wish just about everything that happened last week hadn't. It was a shit week.

I hate typing left-handed.

ETA: Jason's been pre-approved for a car loan. Forgot how advanced the internets were these days. =P So that's good for us at least. =)
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Just in case I haven't bitched enough...anemia sucks.

I just realized that while my sleep schedule is currently fucked, even when I sleep eight hours in a row, I am needing at least a 4-hour nap every damn day, and have for the past week or so, just to pretend to stay functional.

God damn. I am so fucking wiped out. I just woke up and I wanna go back to bed for the rest of the month, give or take a few days.

I HATE THIS! Those people must be right on suppressing bad memories, because while I remember anemia sucking, I don't remember being this knock-out dead tired just as a matter of fact. And it's constant right now. This is so miserable.

Oh, I woke up early to a FOAD received via phone call, then had an hour-long phone interview where one of the questions I got asked was to explain how an HPLC know, this may sound odd, but while I'm sure on some level I know how it works, I haven't needed to know the damn details of that since I was an undergrad. Most places I've worked don't care if I know how an instrument works, they want to know if I know how to work it! Still...they kept me on the phone for an hour. I then went to the garden and fled almost instantly due to serious amounts of mosquitoes. I'm gonna be covered in angry itchy welts. Picked one yellow cherry tomato (yum), noticed a couple of my black plum tomato plants seemed to have not made it(suck), my amana orange plant snapped under its own weight(more suck) and that I'm most likely going to be drowning in black krims. Ehh, it'll work. Also, I have a squash plant with a fruit on it! YAY! One of my squashies lived! I'm not sure which one it is...I think it's my red kuri. Well...time will tell. =P
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Tis the new season, so I wrote recaps of Psych and White Collar. One I loved and the other...I did not. I don't think I'm going to post them to the communities. I said a few things in one recap that stand a good chance of hitting a few nerves.

Got the brush-off from Qdoba today. I really really REALLY suck at this. I seriously do not know what the fuck else I can do.

Got another office interview at Aerotek tomorrow. I'd try to think positively, but over the past 3.5 years, this particular agency has done nothing but waste my time. I've already done the office interview with this branch back in December. I have to give Jason a ride to Janesville tomorrow so I can have the car, but he'll have the company car for the weekend. Joy of joys. I will be running on coffee.

I can't remember the last time I slept more than five hours in a row. I seem to just catnap whenever I need it.

In other fun news, I fucked up my right foot sometime on Tuesday. Walking's a bitch.
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I've been unemployed for two long fucking miserable years. I would take ANYTHING at this point, okay?

I will say that I'd probably have stuck out the jobs that made me fucking miserable a bit longer a few years ago if they had paid well...but they were miserable jobs with miserable pay. Long run, I vote enjoyable job w/ lower pay.

I normally don't hit up the writer's block questions, but there's two in a row. I had more fun thinking of loathsome TV characters to kill off.
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It's Memorial Day weekend.

And here's something awesome to go remember. Or be reminded of it even happening in the first place(well-pre WWII). In other news, while I love history and find it fascinating, I didn't learn a fucking thing in any of my history classes and I've had to learn most of the good stuff on my own.

Women in Uniform, 1799-present

I planted my tomatoes, except the two Romas. I also clobbered my knee with the shovel and I think I'm really dehydrated, because the whole ordeal kind of wiped me out.

I am in the mood to watch Star Wars. Where on the fucking planet did my fucking tapes get to?! They've been missing for awhile now, and I'm fairly pissed off about this.
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And to put some more icing on the cake that is my life, I was reading the news on my computer, when the monitor got a bit fuzzy, the computer kind of gave off some feedback, the whole thing then froze up, so I did a hard-restart...and now nothing works. Oh, the fan spins, the power light and hard drive lights come on, but it's not running at all. Jason thinks I either need a new monitor light...or a new computer. He really didn't sound too hopeful when I called with this latest development.'s four years old, I knew this day was coming. :( I hope we have enough money. My computer's kind of crucial for job searching. I can probably pick up something for cheap. Ish. I hope.
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My brother is having complications, called he's developed an abscess where his appendix was and they're gonna have to do another surgery. He's currently at the ER with my dad having the CAT scan done to make sure, but they think that's what it is, and if that is what it is, he's going to be in the hospital for probably another two weeks.

So my mom just called me up and told me to get to Cleveland. Not sure HOW I'm getting there yet, and I'm most likely not leaving until tomorrow.

I find it beyond fucking odd that Windi King is arriving via bus to Madison TODAY because her mom is in the UW hospital downtown having complications from a transplant, and I'm most likely about to bus out to Cleveland to visit my brother having complications from appendicitis.

Don't you love it when real life happens? /sarcastic voice

I just got back from my garden plot, tilled another row, mostly of dandelions and rocks, and I need a shower. Then a beer. Or a spiked Coke, whichever.

UPDATE It's apparently not nearly as bad as they'd thought, he had the surgery, he's most likely going to go home tomorrow to finish I've been told not to rush out. O_o So......okay then. Still waiting for more phone calls.
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My brother is in the ER, and is about to be admitted to the hospital. They don't know what's wrong, but it involves being really sick and puking up blood.

I was already drinking Diet Coke, I just dumped in a bunch of rum. Any more bad news and I'm looking up bus ticket prices to Cleveland. Actually...I'm doing that anyways($40, 8-hour trip? NOT BAD). I've met my brother, he has royal bad luck.

I did have the bad grace to point out to my mom that of the four of us, I'm the only one who has never been admitted to the hospital. Which means I'll be getting hit by a bus any day now. I just come and do the humorous distraction. With card games and YouTube videos. I've got hospital visiting down to a damn science.

Of all the fucking times to not be in Ohio and 700 fucking miles away. >:(

ETA: Mom just called with an update, he's got appendicitis.

ETA Again: Dad just called. His opening sentence was that Kevin's in ICU. >_< Good going there, but he's likely there because the recovery room isn't staffed. He had his appendix removed at 7:00pm EST. Most those types of surgery are done during the day. He's out of surgery and recovering, soon as he wakes up and is alive, mom and Alicia are gonna head home. Dad's restraining himself from the Johnny Walker at the moment in case Alicia's car takes a dump. This is how dad and I were when my mom was hospitalized. He and I are way too similar.

ETA 4/12: He was a cranky irritable bastard from hell today. So since my immediate family knows him, we figure he's doing okay and so far, he's all right to go home tomorrow. I told his best friend from HS to call him on Wednesday or Thursday. I actually haven't talked to him at all yet. He was too out of it on Sunday, and I was pretty much warned off even attempting it today.
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Jason got his second FOAD because we made the ill-fated decision to check our mail after buying the good ramen across the street.

We're drinking. Heavily.

Also watching just about every episode of Big Bang Theory. Not often I come across a show Jason and I both love. Yes Josh, sorry. :p
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I hate FOADs. Especially now.
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My parents have swine flu, and my brother is starting to show symptoms. Fucking wonderful. I really hope my nieces don't get it.

While we're at it, I hope I don't get it.

Also, I'm 27 today, but not until 8:20pm.
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Finally got the FOAD from Sigma Aldrich today. >_< Lovely. They went with one of their own candidates with more HPLC experience.

Why do I suspect it's so they wouldn't have to pay a finder's fee to KSR?

So now you all know how I'm spending my day. Aside from sick in bed.

ETA: Heh, okay, so I spent my day hauling my camera around and taking pictures of protesters and the president's motorcade. Quite a production, but it was really cool. Not too likely I'll have that opportunity again, so what the hell, I took it. :) At least that rather consistent workout schedule of mine served one purpose-walked over three miles, and did not get remotely tired. SWEET.

Job searching is really discouraging me at the moment...I know the holidays are the worst time to look for any work that isn't seasonal, so probably about time to start looking for retail/food service for now, and hope for the best come January.

Or just hope for the best.

I am feeling better than I was this morning.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:37 pm
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HOLY SHIT. Oh. Serial killer/rapist. In Cleveland. Apparently a sausage factory can only disguise the smell of dead body for so long. Also proof that I can never retire my Fuck Ohio icon. It gets too much usage.

I obviously didn't leave Cleveland a moment too soon. Apparently the police are venturing out to Warren and Youngstown to see if they can get the bodies identified.

In somewhat less exciting news, I am getting the cough from hell. And I know the lady at the DMV was coughing up a storm yesterday. This wouldn't bug me so much if swine flu wasn't running through Madison like none other. Time for some hot tea, possibly a hot bath.

And more time to be relieved that I'm no longer in Cleveland. God DAMN.

Welcome to the national news, Cleveland. And so not in a good way.

In political news, mostly that I just care about:

Maine repealed their legalization of same-sex marriage, because California is a good state to idolize. Also they fucking suck. They did legalize medical marijuana. So getting high is more important than giving your state's residents equal rights.

NY-23 has gone to a Democrat for the first time since...I think someone in the forum said 1880? That can't be right, since districts get redrawn every 10 years because of the census, that thing Michele Bachman's protesting because she is batshit. Whatever, a long fucking time.

NJ elected a GOP governor. NJ has also had 8 governors in the last nine years, so why people are in a frenzy about this one is beyond me. Never been to NJ, would you believe I have no desire to ever go there?

Kalamazoo, which is still holding the title of favorite city I've ever lived in, passed an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Geauga County, where I just left, has failed for the 3285712th time to pass the school levy. It failed by eight votes. I think it failed by seven votes last spring. I moved out and didn't vote this year, so what, two people voted no who didn't? I bet dad and Kevin on the two new no-votes. Ledgmont spent an assload of money building a new schoolhouse that could have held my elementary school, which was 500+ students. How many students in Ledgmont? 80. No joke. Wonder why they're having money issues. It's just a matter of time before the state steps in and dissolves it. For myself, I just can't fund stupidity like that. Dissolve it, and we'll pay Chardon or Madison's school taxes, whichever. At least the kids might get a marching band with more than four people. In any case, no matter how many times Montville Township runs this ballot measure, they're not changing anyone's mind.

Ohio will be building casinos in their four major cities. This will do nothing to improve the scenery in any of these towns, and let's face it, Toledo could really use the help. Only uglier city in Ohio is Youngstown. Casinos in Detroit obviously didn't revitalize that town, so I have a huge bucket of salt for everyone saying they'll revitalize Ohio. For the most part, I don't care.

All right, I'm out. I'll be glued to a news source for next year's election night, guaranteed. ^_~


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