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Just in case I haven't bitched enough...anemia sucks.

I just realized that while my sleep schedule is currently fucked, even when I sleep eight hours in a row, I am needing at least a 4-hour nap every damn day, and have for the past week or so, just to pretend to stay functional.

God damn. I am so fucking wiped out. I just woke up and I wanna go back to bed for the rest of the month, give or take a few days.

I HATE THIS! Those people must be right on suppressing bad memories, because while I remember anemia sucking, I don't remember being this knock-out dead tired just as a matter of fact. And it's constant right now. This is so miserable.

Oh, I woke up early to a FOAD received via phone call, then had an hour-long phone interview where one of the questions I got asked was to explain how an HPLC know, this may sound odd, but while I'm sure on some level I know how it works, I haven't needed to know the damn details of that since I was an undergrad. Most places I've worked don't care if I know how an instrument works, they want to know if I know how to work it! Still...they kept me on the phone for an hour. I then went to the garden and fled almost instantly due to serious amounts of mosquitoes. I'm gonna be covered in angry itchy welts. Picked one yellow cherry tomato (yum), noticed a couple of my black plum tomato plants seemed to have not made it(suck), my amana orange plant snapped under its own weight(more suck) and that I'm most likely going to be drowning in black krims. Ehh, it'll work. Also, I have a squash plant with a fruit on it! YAY! One of my squashies lived! I'm not sure which one it is...I think it's my red kuri. Well...time will tell. =P
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Gardening season is almost over, and there have been some successes and some epic, epic failures.

The epic failures. )

Onto the successes! )

The surprise:
Whoever had the plot before me planted garlic last fall. It all more or less survived, and I'm going to go harvest it when I get a chance this week-probably tomorrow. Not sure if I'm going to replant it-it'll be in a different location if I do though, it's in the way of my tomatoes at the moment. =P I usually cook from the pre-minced garlic that you can buy in jars, but I've been told that homegrown garlic is something else, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. I do have a garlic press, but I don't recommend it. Just get a large knife and a cutting board.

For next year...already looking at seeds! =P I'm planning on more tomatoes and beans. I really don't eat leafy greens a whole lot, nor do they store well, so I probably won't grow as much of those, but I would like some. I did love raw peas before the plants died, I'm going to plant more this week with some spinach. I'll probably plant more tomatoes next year, I've got 1.5 rows, I'll probably go for a full 2 rows next year. I didn't have any cherry tomatoes this year(thanks you stupid greenhouse), so I'm going to get some seeds and grow them myself. I like having them to snack on throughout the season. Plus I'll have tried orange, purple, and yellow tomatoes this year, gotta try some more colors! =P Gonna try more on squash and cukes, cause I do wanna try pickling those and I also like them. =P Hoping to get some peppers and eggplants going-my seedlings just didn't do that well, and by the time I thought of transplants, was too late. Not sure I'm going to try root vegetables. I don't dislike them, I just like other things more, and I am rubbish at growing them. Depending on how the leeks taste and get used, I'll likely grow those again. Well...I've got plenty of time to worry about it.
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It's Memorial Day weekend.

And here's something awesome to go remember. Or be reminded of it even happening in the first place(well-pre WWII). In other news, while I love history and find it fascinating, I didn't learn a fucking thing in any of my history classes and I've had to learn most of the good stuff on my own.

Women in Uniform, 1799-present

I planted my tomatoes, except the two Romas. I also clobbered my knee with the shovel and I think I'm really dehydrated, because the whole ordeal kind of wiped me out.

I am in the mood to watch Star Wars. Where on the fucking planet did my fucking tapes get to?! They've been missing for awhile now, and I'm fairly pissed off about this.
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Dad: Did you see what it did out there?

Me: Yeah, it fucking snowed.

Dad: You watch your language. You know better than to say snow to me.

Me: Sorry.

See Jason, snow is a swear word to everyone in my family, at least this time of year. Moreso than fuck is, that's for sure. I come by it honestly. ^_~

I had planned to start cleaning up the garden. With the ground being soggy and you know, covered in yucky white shit, that didn't happen. I moved furniture instead.

Oh yeah, I got my federal refund dropped in my account. :D I now need to go buy myself something fun.


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