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Who is that team on the ice wearing red and white, and what the fuck have they done with the Red Wings?

We are playing like SHIT.

I am doing as my icon says.
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WE WON, WE WON, WE WON, WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday, [ profile] flinkkamingo3 ^_~

Holy crap, what a nailbiter the last few minutes were though!

The refs still need to be shot in all sorts of multiple painful ways, and while a lot of me is amused, it still seems a bit wrong that the gamewinning goal was the one the Fleury shoved in.

Now I'll just be up late watching my team get the Cup presented to them.
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Citizens of Detroit, especially those at the Joe:

Please kill the refs. I don't give a flying fuck what the method is, but kill them.

Thank you.

~[ profile] meimichan, relocated pissed off (metro)Detroit native

BTW [ profile] flinkkamingo3, your comments tonight are keeping me going and giving me someone to commiserate with about this game, so thanks. :) I'm no longer in Wings country, so even though I'll be dead-assed tired tomorrow at work, nobody will care why. Not like in Michigan, where everyone would understand and likely be dead on their feet as well.

Well, you too Jason, but you knew that. ^_~
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Two shutouts. My Wings are AWESOME! 3-0, for those who were curious. Don't blow it in Pittsburgh guys.

Seven hours to go. I really hope my phone doesn't ring, I've planned a big night of fooling around and doing nothing.
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The Stars are out. :D

Kinda sucks that I had to check the online news sites for this news. It's much more fun to watch with my parents. :p Hopefully I get to do more of that as the Wings kick some Penguin ass. ^_~

Along those lines, I'm now about to start planning a trip to Pittsburgh and Gettysburg...[ profile] annie_oakley, any places in Pittsburgh worth a visit?

My 12-hour overnight shifts are over. For whatever reason, those really took it out of me. Just a regular 8-hour night shift now. I feel a lot better now that I got some sleep. Hopefully I don't need as much coffee either.


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