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Holiday love meme.

Use this one, other thread has too many comments

You guys still love me, right? ^_~

And I thought last year was bad, this year in many ways took the freaking cake. Some very good things happened this year too. It was a crazy one.
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Well so far switching my sleep schedule is not going so well. I'm taking longish staggered naps. I'm awake for about eight to twelve hours, then I go to sleep for about five to six hours. My last nap was at 6pm, woke up at 11pm, so I will most likely be up until Jason has left for work. When I will then go for another long nap, get up at 2pm, be awake until midnight, then know, I don't even care much about when I'm going to be awake or asleep next, so I'm honestly not sure why the hell I assume anyone else does.

Christmas was good. I made out with a 2TB external hard drive (knew it!) and a Red Wings long-sleeved T-shirt. They won tonight! I slept through the damn game, but they won! Woohoo! It's the new shirt, it's lucky! Plus it looks good on me. I wear red like a fucking champ. =) Jason got Shawshank Redemption, a new iced tea maker, hopefully one that doesn't leak all over the damn place, the Back to the Future movie set, and Lewis Black's new book. I also bought myself a tea kettle, Sherlock DVD's, and a book with a rather hefty Border's coupon I had. In addition to gifts, we did get a bit extravagant with the food. I seriously spent about four days just cooking, my two days off work, then as soon as my last day was over, I set up the kitchen to cook for Christmas Eve(which, strangely enough, has always been the big meal day in my family rather than Christmas Day). I know a few of you are into cooking and food, so the menu:
There be lots of food descriptions here, don't come in hungry. )

For this menu, cooking it all alone and in a tiny kitchen, a friend of mine elsewhere on the internets said I should be crowned the Queen Master of Christmas Cooking. Do they make a crown for that? Cause I'd totally wear it. I don't own a chef's hat. =P

I think Boxing Day's supposed to be some sort of shopping day? Yeah. Fuck that. I opted to sit on my ass on the couch being lazy. We watched Jason's new movie set before I went to take another 5 hour nap, woke up to watch today's new Top Gear which was pretty decent, then dusted off my weighted gloves and worked out for 25 minutes. Sweated my ass off and I think my stomach did protest one segment but overall, that felt good.

So...unemployed again. Got two applications sitting here I need to get cracking on...sometime later today. Jason made a run for Qdoba, and I've got some nachos sitting here that are not going down even remotely well. I destroyed two pairs of jeans at my job, so I need to go clothes shopping, something I really don't want to do at all. *sigh* Back to this grind.
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Everyone have a very Merry Christmas.

You are a great flist, and a big thank you to everyone who helped make my year a little bit less shitty. It was not a good year at all. Thanks to everyone who commented on the anonymous Christmas love meme, made my day getting comments at all. ♥ Such nice ones were even better. ^_~

Trying to switch my internal clock back to daylight is not going so well. I only slept for 2.5 hours tonight, in spite of being awake most of the 24th. Jason's really loud snoring did play a role. =P But that apple ale he got me is fucking DIVINE. Tasty as hell. I recommend it to everyone...does anyone else live in/near WI? It's a New Glarus Brewing Company drink. Go try it out now.
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Secret Santa Holiday Love Meme. Not too proud to beg. It's been an utter shit year, I could use some secret nice things said about me. ;)

I've never done this before. I always expect nobody will ever know me or say anything, but I guess I'm less pessimistic about that this time.

Plus I'm going through and replying to everyone's I know there now. =) Happy Holidays everyone!
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Okay now, be honest-who here knows what I'm talking about and is celebrating with the real thing? Who here knows what I'm talking about and is likely going to be celebrating with mislabeled donuts at a store that means well but doesn't know anything? (I'm in category #2, since I really don't feel like a trip to Milwaukee or Chicago for paczki) And finally...who has no clue what I'm talking about and thinks I just invented a holiday for junk food? ^_~
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With the exception of the turkey, which got a bit overcooked on account of 1)I slept in and 2)Jason didn't pull it out when he got up earlier, dinner was EXCELLENT. Even the turkey wasn't too bad, all things considered. I feel like such a master chef. I ended up not making the squash, because once everything started finishing up and I used up all my available counter space and the lukewarm burner spots on the stove...we're going to be swimming in leftovers for at least a week. Only things I had never made before were the cranberry relish(it'd take some work to mess that up, and hey, I have a new toy called a food processor-happy belated birthday?), the turkey(eh), and the stuffing(YUM).

That was fun though, cooking a huge meal like that. And we haven't even touched the pies yet. Keeping the cat out of everything was something of a special challenge.

Oh holy crap, where in the fridge are we going to put all this food?

I have to work second shift tomorrow, for ten hours. Oh YUCK. It will be hellishly awful, but at least I get to miss the doorbuster crowd. I do have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off from work. Which means Jason and I are making a run to Ohio for our bookcases and winter coats. Not sure when we'll get another opportunity, at least not while this job of mine lasts. I am tempted to surprise my parents, but I just know if I do that, my dad will actually mail all the crap home I've been asking about. :p I'm sure the phone call I'm about to make will be surprise enough.

Things I'm thankful for...I'm glad I don't live with my parents anymore, although I miss everyone, I'm thankful this meal turned out GREAT and that it felt like Thanksgiving even though it's just me and Jason and Mimi and no other crazy family members, and I'm really damn thankful I have a job that I'm getting 30 hours a week at, if not more.
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...maybe this year will be better than the last.

By all accounts, 2008 pretty much sucked. For personal reasons, I'd have to say 2007 was a crappier year for me, but that's almost to the point of would you rather have the flu or strep throat? Both suck, one just sucks slightly more.

No resolutions for me. Never make them. Hope to get a permanent job. Try to keep up my workout schedule. (re)Learn Japanese some more. I'd also like to learn Chinese. That's me, going for two of the six hardest languages for a native English speaker to learn! :p Move out of my parents house. Live in sin with my boyfriend. Have Mimi mellow out...okay, probably another year or ten for that to happen.

Don't get too drunk/stupid tonight everyone. And have a good one.

Oh, me? I rung in the New Year playing Shadow Hearts-the cut scenes tapered off and it found its stride. I'm a bit disappointed by how short this game is compared to its sequel though. Still a good time. Jason switched channels for a couple minutes to watch the ball drop.


Nov. 29th, 2008 01:38 am
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The Schuler's at Eastwood is suddenly my favorite place ever. I found Tarkio:Omnibus there!

I'd been kinda glancing for it anywhere I went that had a decent music selection(translation-not a big box store). Not surprisingly, most places didn't have it. I was going to just ask for it for Christmas, and not expect it-my parents have really dropped off their online shopping in the past couple years, and yeah, I know Amazon has it.

But screw that! I found it, did a happy dance in the store, and bought the fucking thing!

I also found a gift that will simultaneously make Alicia laugh and my brother miserable. Talk about your win-wins.
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Jason came over yesterday, and let me just say, two weeks is way too damn long. He bought me a huge stuffed bear. Such a sweet gesture. It wasn't won through a demonstration of ring-tossing ability, but still, I have a new huge stuffed bear. I feel like such a girl. My boyfriend of almost two years has finally moved onto random stuffed animals. :p Haven't named it yet, just made it attack Jason in his sleep. I'm a little mean at times, but it was funny!

I've been tired and dizzy the past few days, which resulted in me shit-canning a trip to school to do research and staying home in bed, drinking hot chocolate and surfing the net. I felt normal sometime around 3pm. Just a wonky sleep schedule, or something, I don't know. I don't actually hate going to the lab to do research, I think I just want a real live vacation for once. Because we all know I'm lazy all the time as it is...

Christmas shopping makes the credit limit approach so much closer...aside from friends, I've got my family and Jason's family covered except for my niece. Where do they sell Baby's First Chemistry Set? Or Candyland, baby's first board game. :p Oh shoot, I still have to get my dad something. Crud. Well, I did buy a bunch of ornaments for my family too. My parents have a thing for World Market ornaments. Jason bought me my VM calendar last night. His mom ordered me one for my birthday, and they kept changing the ship date-now the earliest is January. Since the calendar shop at the mall had it, we just picked it up. All the pictures are from early Season 1, for the most part. They're not bad, but they could've done better-maybe vary it a bit, or something. I also ran into Ruel and Dominic from school at the mall yesterday. Usually when I run into other WMU students, it's my students, not the other grad students, but my students are probably all gone, while the grad students either live here, or at least are staying for awhile.

I shall now end my most boring LJ update of this week. Cheers.


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