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Heading off to Chicago for the day. YIPPEE!

I need to get out of here for awhile, apparently. Think we're going to drive to a metra station, then take the train the rest of the way in.

Not really going crazy with the planned activities. Our big planned activity is visiting Shedd Aquarium, and possibly having dinner at a nice-ish place. Lunch is probably going to be a hot dog, or something else close to that price range. I can't stand hot dogs unless it's a Chicago dog, I'm funny that way. Walking around and taking photos is a plan of mine too. We didn't see nearly enough of the Art Institute last time, but don't think we're gonna have time for two huge attractions like that, so if we've got time I'm thinking one of the smaller art museums. The photography museum is one I wouldn't mind seeing, think it's on the south end of the Loop.

One year ago today, Jason and I got married. It's been a crazy god-damn year, but not our marriage-that's been pretty damn stable. fight? Maybe two? Who knows. Love you sweetie! ♥
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Well so far switching my sleep schedule is not going so well. I'm taking longish staggered naps. I'm awake for about eight to twelve hours, then I go to sleep for about five to six hours. My last nap was at 6pm, woke up at 11pm, so I will most likely be up until Jason has left for work. When I will then go for another long nap, get up at 2pm, be awake until midnight, then know, I don't even care much about when I'm going to be awake or asleep next, so I'm honestly not sure why the hell I assume anyone else does.

Christmas was good. I made out with a 2TB external hard drive (knew it!) and a Red Wings long-sleeved T-shirt. They won tonight! I slept through the damn game, but they won! Woohoo! It's the new shirt, it's lucky! Plus it looks good on me. I wear red like a fucking champ. =) Jason got Shawshank Redemption, a new iced tea maker, hopefully one that doesn't leak all over the damn place, the Back to the Future movie set, and Lewis Black's new book. I also bought myself a tea kettle, Sherlock DVD's, and a book with a rather hefty Border's coupon I had. In addition to gifts, we did get a bit extravagant with the food. I seriously spent about four days just cooking, my two days off work, then as soon as my last day was over, I set up the kitchen to cook for Christmas Eve(which, strangely enough, has always been the big meal day in my family rather than Christmas Day). I know a few of you are into cooking and food, so the menu:
There be lots of food descriptions here, don't come in hungry. )

For this menu, cooking it all alone and in a tiny kitchen, a friend of mine elsewhere on the internets said I should be crowned the Queen Master of Christmas Cooking. Do they make a crown for that? Cause I'd totally wear it. I don't own a chef's hat. =P

I think Boxing Day's supposed to be some sort of shopping day? Yeah. Fuck that. I opted to sit on my ass on the couch being lazy. We watched Jason's new movie set before I went to take another 5 hour nap, woke up to watch today's new Top Gear which was pretty decent, then dusted off my weighted gloves and worked out for 25 minutes. Sweated my ass off and I think my stomach did protest one segment but overall, that felt good.

So...unemployed again. Got two applications sitting here I need to get cracking on...sometime later today. Jason made a run for Qdoba, and I've got some nachos sitting here that are not going down even remotely well. I destroyed two pairs of jeans at my job, so I need to go clothes shopping, something I really don't want to do at all. *sigh* Back to this grind.
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I have the best fiance in the world.

He baked me a cake. Why? Because I've been so sick and cranky lately.

And it's a really good cake with some heavy chocolate frosting. I'm of the school of thought that cake is really a delivery system for frosting.

So I have cake to eat during this lovely blizzard weather we're getting. >_< Doesn't matter where I am, January and February are those months you just have to get through.
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Jason proposed today.

I said yes.

Oh, more happened(it was a really busy day), but come on, what else do you need to know? ^_~

ETA: Note to self-when going with the times and announcing it to all on Facebook, make sure at least ONE of you has it set to give notice on Facebook about relationship changes. We are so very very smrt. :p Okay, so I announced it to all on Livejournal first! Well, LJ does blow Facebook out of the water...
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Phew! Got home at 9:30, spent the past 1.5 hours catching up on LJ. You know, there's more to read when I'm not refreshing the fucking page every so often. :)

Be forewarned, I wrote a LOT.

Fuck Michigan. No seriously, FUCK Michigan. )

My aunt seems to be doing okay, thank goodness. )

And meanwhile, at my brother's place... )

And now, the end is near...who clapped? )


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