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Dec. 5th, 2008 02:18 pm
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DO. NOT. WANT. Not after that serious train wreck that was season three.

Dear God, I hope my mother doesn't hear about this(seems unlikely she will, unless this isn't a serious load of bullshit. I think it will never happen, myself. What's left to tell that anyone would fucking want to watch?). She seems to lack the ability to make a judgment call on when TV shows go to shit, because writers of shows are God? Character development is good, even if the characters turn into people nobody would ever give a damn about? I don't know. The early part of season three I was still feeling forgiving, and got her addicted to the show. But if I hear her tell me one more time about THE LOOK THE LOOK LOGAN VERONICA FOREVER, OMG, PIZ ISN'T HER TWU WUV, I will commit matricide. Rationalize it all you want, Season three was still a colossal piece of shit and my brains are forever worse off because I watched it.

Thank god the internet is more on my side in this one. ^_~


Not a whole hell of a lot going on in real life. I'm getting a lot of junk job offers in my e-mail since I applied for one on Monster. Several require that I have a bank account, and they pay $150,000 a year. Oh, really? Gosh, sign me right up! Covance never called me back. I have to go back to Ohio this weekend, probably tomorrow, for job interviews in Cleveland and Akron. The one in Cleveland's on the east side of town, so not a horrible drive. The one in Akron, I'd have to move. I do have a couple friends in that area. I see in spite of myself, there are people in Ohio I call friends. :p My back is in sheer hell still, but it's not making me scream in pain like it was yesterday...shit, I hope I don't have to eat my words there.

Paid bills today. I haven't raided my savings account as badly as I'd initially thought. Well, that's good. I just need to Christmas shop for Jason's parents and my nieces. I'm so bad at buying kid's gifts. They're too young for the science sets, I already know they have more toys than they know what to do with. Maybe I'll just get them both a copy of Where The Sidewalk Ends and call it good?

I think Jason and I have plans to cause trouble in Lansing. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, as my back pain is seriously limiting my mobility. Maybe Rum Runners for a couple hours though?
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I have to make one trip back to Belpre to get the rest of my stuff (mostly kitchen stuff) out of my apartment and clean it up and turn in the keys.

.......................................I don't wanna.

*sigh*I guess I better just get going and get it over with.

Once I get back here, my plans include resting up, relaxing, redoing my resume, going through my stuff, beer consumption, and fixing my car.
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I am apparently doomed to spend today staving off one hell of a tension headache.

Psych Season 2? Is awesome. I've spent way too much money since I got here (just blew another $40 on books today), but you can never have too many books and movies. Right?
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I was starting to feel a lot better, and then yesterday, RELAPSE. Dammit. Actually, since I had today off and I'd been getting about 4-5 hours of sleep per night, I'm not sure if I relapsed or if I'm just too fucking tired to tell. I spent 4 hours this afternoon sleeping. For anyone thinking I'm about to throw off my sleep schedule even more, I certainly hope so.

I go on third shift for a week tomorrow. Cheers. Guess in spite of being a bumbling fool in the lab, I did good enough to be trusted alone for eight hours. God, I hope they have good coffee. I haven't been awake voluntarily from 10pm-8am since finals week when I had quant so many years ago.
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Phew! Got home at 9:30, spent the past 1.5 hours catching up on LJ. You know, there's more to read when I'm not refreshing the fucking page every so often. :)

Be forewarned, I wrote a LOT.

Fuck Michigan. No seriously, FUCK Michigan. )

My aunt seems to be doing okay, thank goodness. )

And meanwhile, at my brother's place... )

And now, the end is near...who clapped? )
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I've said it before, I'll say it again.

2007 sucks.

I might actually fucking celebrate New Year's Eve this year and fucking mean it.

So....what's an appropriate gag gift to send to a friend about to recover from surgery? A blow-up doll of Alan Alda in his prime springs to mind, considering the friend, but those are hard to come by.


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