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Well, election nights. More accurately, one down, eight to go, in terms of contested senate seats in WI.

Dave Hansen held onto his seat by a fairly large margin.

There were less GOP voters than there were signatures on Hansen's recall petitions.

Fraud was suspected at the time the petitions were filed for all the Democratic senators, as much as 30%, but the GAB didn't investigate.

I mean, yes, Hansen ended up having to run against VanderLeest because Nygren, the real candidate, didn't make it onto the ballot because he's fucking stupid and VanderLeest is a criminal which might've had voters sit at home. In the grand scheme of things this was an easy victory, but still...they couldn't turn out enough voters to at least match the recall petition signatures?

And as always, more bitching about the weather. Turn the fucking oven off out there already, damn it!
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I am being followed by politicians on Twitter.

Holy shit, what did I DO?!


I'll try a post with substance some other time. It's not happening today or tomorrow.

Also, FUCK it's hot! It's WAY TOO FUCKING HOT!
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Who else doesn't give a remote fuck about the royal wedding?

I do not get it. I've not been a fan of weddings in general after working as a caterer for two years...but I really do not get it at all. And it's not just because I'm in the wrong country, a fair amount of my friends were all excited about it, and we didn't even get the day off.

In other news, the sun's out and I'd forgotten what it looked like. Was thinking of gardening but I'm thinking I'll put that off and give the ground a chance to dry out and go again on Sunday or Monday. I think I'd rather get out of the house for a few hours instead, maybe go for a hike around downtown or something. I haven't left home voluntarily in awhile.

I really wish I had a bike.
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Good lord. [ profile] noxika, I seriously hope you're all right. Queensland just cannot catch a fucking break.

Yes, I'm currently getting spanked by one hell of a blizzard which has mostly surprised me by living up to the media hype. I think it's worse at the lakefront, but this is really not pleasant. I might go out and get some pictures when the wind dies down. But it's not months of severe flooding and then a tropical storm that rivals Katrina, it's just a really bad snowstorm. We get them. A few times a year. Most of them aren't quite this massive. Or bad. Usually midwestern snowstorms don't make the news. =P

Jason was told to work from home for tomorrow. I think most of his coworkers live in Janesville and could make it to the office if needed, but he's on help desk and the office line has been routed to his cell phone. He's seriously expecting a snow day, cause if he's telecommuting, most of his company's clients probably aren't gonna be working too hard either. I suspect video games might be a theme tomorrow. Or cheeseball movies.

Ef Em El.

Feb. 1st, 2011 03:03 am
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My colon is making my life damned miserable lately(well, one among many things).

TMI? Yeah well you don't have to live with it.

TomorrowToday is not going to be a good day. And not just because of the weather. I'm not sure if it's living up to the meteorologist's snowpocalypse-like predictions, but I would not want to be out in that mess.
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To go with this post, anyone want a picture?

Yeah, I thought not. I took one anyways. Left-handed. With my slowly tanking DSLR. It was a rather neat trick.
Being nice to those easily grossed out. My hand with stitches. )

I think I'll at least get a cool scar out of this and I can tell you all about the Battle of the Brownie and though it got in a good one with that stupid knife, I did eventually triumph. Using water. =P

I'm on day 4, and it's still hurting pretty badly. Looking forward to the itching that all stitch wound recipients have told me to expect anytime now at this point. I'm gonna regret saying that one.

Now...does anyone want to go and do my grocery shopping? It's fucking cold and my hand really hates me when I take showers.

Oooh, ooh, thank you for the baby otter gift [ profile] noxika! I shall treasure it always! ♥
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I have the best fiance in the world.

He baked me a cake. Why? Because I've been so sick and cranky lately.

And it's a really good cake with some heavy chocolate frosting. I'm of the school of thought that cake is really a delivery system for frosting.

So I have cake to eat during this lovely blizzard weather we're getting. >_< Doesn't matter where I am, January and February are those months you just have to get through.
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Dad: Did you see what it did out there?

Me: Yeah, it fucking snowed.

Dad: You watch your language. You know better than to say snow to me.

Me: Sorry.

See Jason, snow is a swear word to everyone in my family, at least this time of year. Moreso than fuck is, that's for sure. I come by it honestly. ^_~

I had planned to start cleaning up the garden. With the ground being soggy and you know, covered in yucky white shit, that didn't happen. I moved furniture instead.

Oh yeah, I got my federal refund dropped in my account. :D I now need to go buy myself something fun.

Miss me?

Feb. 14th, 2009 12:45 pm
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So, did anyone miss my online presense? Did anyone even notice? :p

We lost power on Wednesday night, courtesy of winds gusting more than 70 mph over a 1.5 day period. It came back at about 11:30 this morning.

It was a bloody luxury not having to go get a bucket of green water with twigs from the lake to flush the toilet. Also, we finally worked our way down to dry wood-the wind storms did bring an assload of rain with them.

And the shower...oh my god, I really needed a shower. I was about to just grab some shampoo and a towel and head for a gas station bathroom. Dad and Jason fired up their computers(yes, Jason drove out this weekend, and thank goodness, I can cook him dinner after all!), but me, I watched the goddamn clock until there would be enough water heated up, and took a fucking shower.

To be fair, the power did come back on at 8:30 last 1/10 it's strength. So we had some dim lights and shut off all the appliances so they wouldn't die. Just enough to taunt the hell out of you and dash away your final hopes. I was looking at the lamp in the corner and watched it get really bright. I kept staring at it, waiting for it to die. And it didn't. Then I jumped for joy and my cat had to move.

Mom's ticked about missing Dollhouse premiere last night. Dad's ticked that he missed two Red Wings games, since he does pay a lot for the hockey channels. (A loss to the Blue Jackets? Really Detroit? I'm kinda glad we missed that one, BECAUSE THAT'S EMBARRASSING.)

Time to go through the fridge and freezer and throw some shit out.

Ohhh, that shower was glorious.
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[ profile] ohnotheydidnt broke LJ.

Oh good grief.

We got around two feet of snow today. I went out to clear off the satellite dish, and the snow is up to my mid-thigh. Holy crap. I don't remember wading through snow in that amount even in Houghton. Admittedly, they were pretty good about clearing any pathways I might have needed to use.

I tried taking sleeping pills to fix my sleep schedule. So far, they're not working. But I bet I get the crappy side effects tomorrow anyways! *insert cranky face here*


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