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I took a doorknob to the head yesterday. Tragic comedy accident, but it's kind of hurting a lot.

It's also making me VERY incredibly fucking tired. Which is apparently not a great sign. I mean I've also got the headache and recurrent nausea but neither of those is unusual.

So if I drop dead and never post again, you know what happened.

(seriously, I think I'm okay)
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To go with this post, anyone want a picture?

Yeah, I thought not. I took one anyways. Left-handed. With my slowly tanking DSLR. It was a rather neat trick.
Being nice to those easily grossed out. My hand with stitches. )

I think I'll at least get a cool scar out of this and I can tell you all about the Battle of the Brownie and though it got in a good one with that stupid knife, I did eventually triumph. Using water. =P

I'm on day 4, and it's still hurting pretty badly. Looking forward to the itching that all stitch wound recipients have told me to expect anytime now at this point. I'm gonna regret saying that one.

Now...does anyone want to go and do my grocery shopping? It's fucking cold and my hand really hates me when I take showers.

Oooh, ooh, thank you for the baby otter gift [ profile] noxika! I shall treasure it always! ♥
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I nearly shoved a knife through my right hand at about 4:30 or so CST. Never seen really dark red blood gush from my hand before.

So I've got a stitched up hand. Just three, it wasn't too horrid. And a bonus tetanus shot. Having the wound numbed up for the stitching hurt like a mofo. Easily the most painful part...well except the part where the knife went into my hand and I sat around in pain holding a bunch of paper towels there until Jason could get home to drive me to the doctor, since the bus would've been standing room only AND taken longer to get there. All in all, not my greatest evening.

But hey, picking up my forced left-hand dominance again from my massive wrist injury back in high school. And I can still use my right hand, unlike back then. I'd just rather not. This is quite painful. The numbing shots haven't worn all the way off yet, so I know it's gonna get worse. Next couple days are gonna be kinda low-key.

I think I may have been put off brownies for awhile. Yep. Took this one while trying to cut a brownie that had apparently fossilized. Soft-serve ice cream please.
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It's Memorial Day weekend.

And here's something awesome to go remember. Or be reminded of it even happening in the first place(well-pre WWII). In other news, while I love history and find it fascinating, I didn't learn a fucking thing in any of my history classes and I've had to learn most of the good stuff on my own.

Women in Uniform, 1799-present

I planted my tomatoes, except the two Romas. I also clobbered my knee with the shovel and I think I'm really dehydrated, because the whole ordeal kind of wiped me out.

I am in the mood to watch Star Wars. Where on the fucking planet did my fucking tapes get to?! They've been missing for awhile now, and I'm fairly pissed off about this.
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I have an interview tomorrow afternoon.

ETA: And one hour later, I think I just sprained my ankle(lord, I hope not). It's bruised, and I can't walk on it without PAIN LOTS OF PAIN shooting through my foot.


My dad, survivor of several sprains and one broken leg, and pre-med dropout, has given his expert diagnosis. I sprained my foot.


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