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Had a great time in Chicago, thanks for all the congratulations. I really needed that day in Chicago, no matter how drop-dead exhausted I was at the end-I'd been awake for over 25 hours by the time we got home. I haven't been in this good a mood in months.

Unfortunately, my camera is hosed. It's still usable, but it does need to be replaced. There's a set of spots that show up in nearly every fucking photo I take, especially if it's outside and the background's a light color. It can be worked around, but it's also a serious pain in the ass. I may try getting it cleaned again, but the professional photographer I just chatted with said it's probably not fixable.

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14 pounds of strawberries turned into:
-4 bags of frozen berries
-6 jars of strawberry-rhubarb jam
-6 jars of plain strawberry jam and the one burnt thumb that wasn't caused by a sparkler yesterday
-1 strawberry cheesecake, and that's one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten
-2 quarts of strawberries that will become booze, still in the freezer until I get some vodka

Had a decent weekend. We went to the Milwaukee Zoo on Sunday, and it was fairly crowded but still a lot of fun. I really need to clean off my camera's memory cards. I was shuffling them around..."This one's got 40 shots left!" *gets filled up* "Ok, this one's got 28 shots left!" Pain in the butt, but I'm a bit afraid of wiping my cards now after my last external hard drive crashed and took 2000+ pictures with it, so I do the external backup and photobucket. Which takes time. Ah well, I didn't have too many plans today.


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