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Or wake up the rest of the way. >_<

Fandom Steel Cage's down to the final two. And I don't know how to link the pictures back to the website, so just click the nice link and vote for Buffy.

Sheldon Cooper vs. Buffy Summers. (and considering my friends and the shows they watch, I should have posted something for the Final Four, like, vote Buffy, because while she had bad taste in men, at least she never dated Piz or Duncan. Also, while her show did fail hard at the end, nothing can match season 3 of Veronica Mars for sheer amount of fail. )

But come on, you know you want to vote Buffy. Why?
-Who cares how smart Sheldon is, she'd still kick his ass, and she's already got Willow and Giles to be the brains-both WAY nicer and better looking than Sheldon.
-I have Buffy in the pool as winning this whole thing. Come on, help a girl out here! (I did better on this than I have ever done with a March Madness bracket, which possibly tells you all too much about me.)
-The Sheldon fans are cheating WAY more than the Buffy fans(as of this post), because they know Buffy is going to SLAY HIM. :p
-You were obsessed with Buffy and her show before Sheldon Cooper existed.
-If you ran into either one, Buffy might say a few strange things, but she'd at least be nice to you, while Sheldon would be a condescending ass. Then Buffy would stand up for you against the snarky bully, because she's that least in the first few seasons.
-Sheldon, being a sci-fi and comic book nerd, would totally vote for Buffy.

Vote Buffy

All joking aside, I do like Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory a lot, but Team Buffy all the way.

Wait. It's an LJ series of tubespolls. Why be serious about this at all? =D

And I have a serious hankering for some Buffy. Also...I lost disk 2 of season 4. FUCK.
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Facebook know you are from South Lyon if... )

Okay, now...I have very few friends from South Lyon reading this, but it amused me so damn much. Which is probably a minor miracle, considering I really don't like the town and didn't particularly enjoy growing up there. Can't deny that I know it inside and out though.

I think I intended to do laundry today. Yeah. Fuck it.
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Livejournal is going down at 8:00pm tomorrow for a server move that will likely last FOREVER. I know, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself either. :p

On the advice of someone else, I decided to archive my entire LJ using ljarchive. Just on the small chance it goes badly.

Archiving it went really damned fast, and it gives you a bunch of pages to scroll through. Starting with entry #1.

Four years ago, huh? And I remembered/learned that about four years and two months ago, I was pissed off about LJ being used as a tool for passive-aggressive shit(I didn't name names, so I have no idea who or what I was pissed off at), I had no friends (yet), that I kept my LJ alive because of stupid fun, and that according to some meme, I was going to get laid thirty-seven times on my wedding night. I ended it with a somewhat open marriage proposal. Thirty-seven times, can anyone keep up? :p Jason and I had met briefly at a party a couple weeks ago, but we didn't really know each other yet.

Other stuff going on in that vicinity-I was procrastinating on chem labs, I did a LOT more tacky quizzes and memes, Belle and Kerstin were the only people who commented, and I was a Ninja Pirate with a ship called The Hangover.

What can I say? I've always been awesome. ^_^

Jason's sleeping off some sinus infection, so I might go drag myself back down memory lane. It's now in easy scrolling form.
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I tried sleeping. I just could not fall asleep. I've been awake for 24 hours.

Oh well. My brother owes me a phone call or the cost of lunch at Cedar Point from a few months ago. :p
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New Hampshire's small town poll results are starting to come in(21 registered voters, 15 for Obama, 6 for McCain. Bradley Effect, eat your heart out).

I? Am not going to sleep at all. I should probably drug myself to sleep, I do need to drive my mom about eight miles round trip tomorrow.

I am just so fucking antsy. My cat just watched me kinda dance around the room like a fool. Now I'm watching Conan O'Brien, mostly because The Decemberists are on. Thanks for the Tarkio addiction, [ profile] buffyx. :p

Oh god. I'll probably update a lot tomorrow. I picked up chips and salsa, dug out my liquor collection, we have plenty of popcorn, and beer. I am set. I got something else as a surprise. Mom and I will be watching MSNBC, might take a break to watch Comedy Central from 10-11. :p I can't believe this might all be over in 21 hours.

Fuck, I even want to see Christmas ads instead of political ads.

Longest election of our lives. No wonder my drinking game practically guarantees blacking out.
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John McCain is going to be in Mentor, OH tonight. I was tempted to go to Borders tonight, but Mentor is one of those special towns where the traffic just manages to suck all the time. I entertained the thought of going for a full twelve seconds to see how small a crowd he draws, but really, my blood pressure probably needs to go down. That and I'd probably get tossed out. :p

I think I'm the only one who didn't watch the Obama informercial last night-my parents and boyfriend did. I chose a rerun of The Daily Show. As much as I'm following political news, I've already voted. I don't need any more advertising. It's too late to change my mind, and I doubt I would anyways. Stewart/Colbert 2008? Maddow/Olbermann 2008? :p The second pair. Those two are making me love them so much this year. :)

Speaking of advertising, I got a huge packet from the Geauga GOP. I doubt Geauga County has a Democratic party chapter. In any case, they wrote a letter saying their candidates are the only clear choice and to vote for them. No reasons given. Also, a list of clear choices. Once again, no reasons given for why their candidates are qualified. Fail. At first I was kinda offended, then I just wished they'd gotten the list to me sooner. I voted a couple of weeks ago, I could have used a list of people to not vote for with me. :p By comparison, the Ohio Democratic Party has sent out a few advertisements and fliers. While they don't necessarily have the room to give a big list of reasons, they do give some, plus they list a bunch of references at the bottom of the flier to back up their plans. I think the Geauga GOP thinks we're stupid...or at least hopes so. Speaking of stupid, we elect our coroners. Why the fuck is that an elected position?! I think I might've left that part of my ballot blank. I don't give a fuck about the party affiliation of the fucking coroner. I want someone who can do their damn job there.

For everyone concerned about the election coming down and Ohio screwing the country all the way over it stands now, we're not the state you need to be worried about. Missouri, Indiana, and North Carolina are much more evenly split than Ohio is. Georgia. Wait. GEORGIA is now a toss-up state. That fact alone should signal the Lions winning the Superbowl next year.

I cannot wait until the next five days are over.
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The book I'm currently reading just made fun of Good Charlotte. That's the only reason for this update. The rest is just other incidental shit.

I've got an interview at L'Oreal on Friday morning. I was informed that they'd all be dressed up for Halloween. Awesome.

My car has new tires, and boy, was that a lot of fun. Do not take your car to Sears. Okay, do not take your car to the Sears at Frandor in Lansing. Some of them might not suck, but that one sure as hell does. Could have been a lot pricier though. I did get one hell of a workout from walking around Frandor for about three hours.
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Hope: An intangible object within every American that is destroyed every four years in November.

Usually on my birthday. Maybe I should start celebrating in April or least the snow's usually gone by then, so that's something good, yes?

I'm still in Lansing.

I really hope my binge drinking on Nov. 5th is not sheer depression. It'll be one hell of a bender either way.

In the meantime, The Onion can make me smile a little bit here and there.

In my spare time away from the news and politics, I'm re-reading Twilight. Probably to remind myself that there is in fact something stupider than politics, and to unreasonably convince myself that I too can write shitty prose and make about what, twelve million dollars?
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Ahh, I'm in Lansing for a little while. Still no word from PPG. I left the video game I wanted to play at home too, dammit.

I voted before leaving Ohio. I don't think Geauga County will go blue, but god, I really hope Ohio does. Just for bragging purposes. In other news, dear lord, I hope to never live in a swing state of that magnitude during an election again. Michigan was bad, but this is much worse.

If I never see another political sign, it'll be too soon.

Why did I voluntarily wake up at 6:00am? I need to go back to bed.
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Amidst the final throes of election season and watching the economy fall further into the sewer, there is some good news to be had. How long until the constitutional amendment votes show up? Or seriously, how long until nobody even cares anymore?

Since Joe has gone past screwing with my head and is now screwing with my recruiter's head, we're considering my assignment over. Hope they don't want their keycard back. I'm moderately fucking terrified of trying to job-hunt now. It's been a rather tough-ish economy since high school(and I like a fool am still in the Rust Belt), but now it's just downright fucking scary.
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[Error: unknown template video]

I just about died laughing after watching this one. Purely for the rip on Ohio. Then I was tempted to sob.
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I loved Madison. A lot. The distance from my family is definitely not a plus, nor is having to go through Chicago to get there, but damn, what an awesome town.

I took more pictures of the drive home through northwest Indiana though. Madison was too cloudy and rainy for really good photography. All the flooding we went through, on the other hand...

Fuck you, Ike. Fuck you.


Sep. 11th, 2008 12:06 pm
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I read another friend's post and thought of some old history class assignments I once had to do, so now I'm curious.

Where were you and what were you doing seven years ago today? If anyone claims a memory problem, I call bullshit.

Here's mine. )
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Ten most obnoxious college fanbases.

I was pleased that OSU made the running. Their fans have gone a long damned way to making me hate the Buckeyes. U of M was also there.

[ profile] startracer, [ profile] jeb007, any comment on #1? ^_~

Well, my mother cancelled her appointment. A half hour before her appointment.*eyeroll* So I'm off chauffer duty, and on the road as soon as my laundry's done.
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I have to make one trip back to Belpre to get the rest of my stuff (mostly kitchen stuff) out of my apartment and clean it up and turn in the keys.

.......................................I don't wanna.

*sigh*I guess I better just get going and get it over with.

Once I get back here, my plans include resting up, relaxing, redoing my resume, going through my stuff, beer consumption, and fixing my car.
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If you give an employee lottery tickets as a going away gift.......yooooouuuuuuuu might be a redneck.

If you get tired on a roadtrip and use the bed of your pickup truck as an actual bed while the truck is barrelling down the freeway.......yoooooouuuuuu might be a redneck.

I seriously cannot make this shit up. My former boss gave me LOTTERY TICKETS as a going-away gift.

The other one, I saw on I-77. I did not have my camera out. Believe me, I'd have posted photographic evidence. I cannot make this shit up.
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I am apparently doomed to spend today staving off one hell of a tension headache.

Psych Season 2? Is awesome. I've spent way too much money since I got here (just blew another $40 on books today), but you can never have too many books and movies. Right?
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For those who hadn't caught on, things at work have been slow as hell lately. So I think all the lab techs have been abusing the internet connection in here during our shifts.

I am the only one here who deletes my browser history.

Which means I'm learning some weird shit about my other coworkers.
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Two shutouts. My Wings are AWESOME! 3-0, for those who were curious. Don't blow it in Pittsburgh guys.

Seven hours to go. I really hope my phone doesn't ring, I've planned a big night of fooling around and doing nothing.
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Well, today's one of my favorite holidays, and like so many other times, I have to let it go by the wayside. I damn near made it this year, and after sending my former boss this list of suggestions, he might be glad I'm not there to wreak havoc on the office. I strongly suspect he might wreak havoc on some of his coworkers though. :p

In any case, I bring to you some good (and some fairly useless) pranks to pull on your officemates. They all involve computers. #8 is my favorite, but I do confess that someone pulling #6 on me would work wonders, since I used to have a POS machine with Windows ME installed on it.

The pranks )

Have a good day everyone. :)


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