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$35 at Lowe's. Target has something very similar in case Lowe's is out of stock. And they're just across the street from each other in Mentor too.

Okay, I want my truck back now.
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"It's the weekend. Productivity is for losers."

I killed a mouse. Okay, the trap I set killed a mouse. It was still very very gross.

My life is boring the hell out of me these days. I just beat Suikoden, now I'm going to play II. Hope my data loads correctly, or I'll be ticked.

There's a kickass Asian grocery store next door to Jason's work. I need to go back. Those dango were damned tasty. And I suddenly know how they stay so slim...their desserts are small amounts, and filling as heck! I ate three of those really tiny dumplings, and wasn't hungry for quite some time. Jason rather liked them too. My mission to get our first overseas country visit to be Japan continues. (insert evil laugh here)
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I hate it when I get superglue all over my fingers.

I broke my Brita pitcher. It's still functional, so it's staying broken. Fucking glue got my fingers stuck together, but apparently it doesn't work too well on polypropylene.
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I have no regrets. None at all. Also, HEE.

APG went out of business as of yesterday. I left my contact information with the one guy I considered a friend, and I actually heard from him today. And boy, did he have some news! :p

I was a major dumbass though. I just saw Tom and -er and APG in the first part of the e-mail, and thought it was Tom Coyners, the former owner! You know, someone I seriously screwed over without a single regret when I walked out the door. And BOY did my head about splatter brains all over this room!

Heh. That non-compete I signed is probably even more worthless now. Although the PT industry being a damn tiny one, it was never really an issue.

Seriously sucks to high hell that the peons, which is what the lab people were, are suddenly unemployed for the holidays. I know some of them were barely making it as it was (Cyndi in particular springs to mind), and there's really not much else as far as jobs go in that area. On the other absolutely horribly as that company was run, this is not unexpected. Tom(B) mentioned that everyone lost their jobs. I bet the Coyners made enough money from the sale of the company to live like kings though. As small as it was, I wouldn't be surprised if ERA just moves everything to their place in Colorado.

Networking. I think I'm doing it right. I hear all the juicy stuff at Superior Flux, I heard about the explosions at MPBio, I'm damned sure I'd hear about anything at Gabriel involving Joe being fired. Not bad for someone who can't hold a job for more than four months at a time.


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