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I caught some disease involving a sore throat and possibly irritated sinuses. I only say possibly on that last one because I have had a bloody nose since July courtesy of fucking allergies(is it winter yet?), it's just been hurting a hell of a lot more since yesterday.

Fricking JOY.

My shift was shit-canned today and I'm only working one day next week(the joys of resigning your shitty retail job), pretty sure I have no plans this weekend, thank goodness.

We had to apply for another car loan. Now, in my head, all of me knows this needs to happen and happen fairly quickly and especially with my new job this won't even financially be a problem(my starting offer is what my husband currently makes after about 3 years at his current job, our income is about to fucking double here). I need to commute to Middleton and J needs his car to visit clients about 2 out of 5 days a week, but most of me is just going "Ah fuck not another car payment."

Current plans involve sitting in bed and navigating all this paperwork for my new job and stuff. Mostly today...involve sitting in bed. Calling maintenance to complain about the severe lack of hot water, have a watchful cat watch me, drink liquids or maybe ionized plasma if I get bored. There's also books. Currently reading Lies My Teacher Told Me and slowly becoming convinced that everyone who learned anything about USA history in a US school needs to read it now. It does at least say this book is for anyone who ever slept through history class and hell, that's usually about what I had planned for that class! Not like I learned a damn thing in those classes...still got A's though, handy.

It still hasn't sunk in that I start working as a scientist on October 8th. It just doesn't feel real yet.
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I've not had any days off from work aside from Christmas Day over the past two weeks, so while my schedule next week consists of a whole three hours(which is ass), I am looking forward to getting some rest for a bit.

Some other things that have made the short list of plans:
-re-read the Harry Potter books(just finished Sorcerer's Stone)
-murder my loud annoying neighbors in their sleep
-go downtown with chanter_greenie and get silly
-finish my puzzle
-do laundry(this one's kind of a necessity at this point)
-kill my neighbors some more
-look for another job
-take the tree down, clean up a bit
-sleep? maybe?

Sleep sounds good.

In spite of two weeks of antibiotics, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Hope this isn't planning on sticking around.

Oh yeah, and I've fucking waited long enough. New episode of Sherlock on Sunday. Over a year I've been waiting now. This had better be damned good.
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My cat possibly needs to go to the vet.

I may possibly need to go to the doctor.

FML. I can barely afford both, let alone one.

I did discover that wine makes a dandy cough syrup. What?! The bottle had been open for awhile, I didn't want it to go off, so I drank the rest of it! And my cough got better! That might be a good enough reason to open another bottle, right?

I'd be getting intoxicated if I were taking regular drugs for the symptoms of this. I'll take tipsy and not coughing for the time being.
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(my parents have 2 cats, are their cats just supposed to starve for the five days they're stuck there or something?)

I'd like a platter of cookies for that.

I must be starting to feel better, I nearly inhaled a bag of chips and Jason's making me some fried rice. My lungs still think breathing is difficult (ahh, Theraflu...cheers), but the severe nausea seems to have gone away for a bit, thank heavens. I am really hungry.
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Home stretch.

I am going to be so on edge for the next seven days.

If you see me around, just drag me into a bar and I'll get the beer and be calm for at least a half hour. I suppose ice cream or baked goods with chocolate will have a similar calming effect.

Home stretch. It's almost over. Win or lose, it's almost over.

Oh I get a new computer tonight but strangely I'm more concerned with state politics. It's been a long six months.

I hope we win.

Stuck home with a bad bout of IBS today. This has better go away tomorrow, I have plans and they involve being at the Labor Temple. I had planned to be there today too, but the constant pooping kind of fucks with the volunteering. Sorry if that's TMI. I have to live with it. :P
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Job interview in Chicago on June 29th!

In other news, got sicker last night and had issues with breathing.

I really want this job.

Oooh, guess those promised thunderstorms are about to happen.

I love Madison, but if I have to leave this city for Chicago...I can live with that. I love Chicago. That would be perfect timing too...just when I was starting to get to know locals in this area and had actually made a friend or two! Not that I'd be too far from Madison.
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My digestive system refuses to behave. At all.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be downtown. Alas, my current condition requires easy access to a toilet.

Then again...I bet I'll get my chance, if not yesterday or today.

Last time I was in the rotunda, I was getting married. Don't think I'd even get near it now.

(if anyone's wondering what that's about, go pick up a newspaper...or google 'wisconsin news' if you're not stateside, we're making it for reasons that don't involve football)

Think I will go for a walk later today though.

Also, Borders has filed for bankruptcy. This makes me sad.

I don't really have it in me to write a whole lot. What's going on here has me a bit nervous. I think it's going to get ugly here. Well, uglier.

ETA: Fuck it, I'm going downtown.

My city. Right now. Image from WSJ )

Ef Em El.

Feb. 1st, 2011 03:03 am
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My colon is making my life damned miserable lately(well, one among many things).

TMI? Yeah well you don't have to live with it.

TomorrowToday is not going to be a good day. And not just because of the weather. I'm not sure if it's living up to the meteorologist's snowpocalypse-like predictions, but I would not want to be out in that mess.
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Finally got the FOAD from Sigma Aldrich today. >_< Lovely. They went with one of their own candidates with more HPLC experience.

Why do I suspect it's so they wouldn't have to pay a finder's fee to KSR?

So now you all know how I'm spending my day. Aside from sick in bed.

ETA: Heh, okay, so I spent my day hauling my camera around and taking pictures of protesters and the president's motorcade. Quite a production, but it was really cool. Not too likely I'll have that opportunity again, so what the hell, I took it. :) At least that rather consistent workout schedule of mine served one purpose-walked over three miles, and did not get remotely tired. SWEET.

Job searching is really discouraging me at the moment...I know the holidays are the worst time to look for any work that isn't seasonal, so probably about time to start looking for retail/food service for now, and hope for the best come January.

Or just hope for the best.

I am feeling better than I was this morning.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:37 pm
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HOLY SHIT. Oh. Serial killer/rapist. In Cleveland. Apparently a sausage factory can only disguise the smell of dead body for so long. Also proof that I can never retire my Fuck Ohio icon. It gets too much usage.

I obviously didn't leave Cleveland a moment too soon. Apparently the police are venturing out to Warren and Youngstown to see if they can get the bodies identified.

In somewhat less exciting news, I am getting the cough from hell. And I know the lady at the DMV was coughing up a storm yesterday. This wouldn't bug me so much if swine flu wasn't running through Madison like none other. Time for some hot tea, possibly a hot bath.

And more time to be relieved that I'm no longer in Cleveland. God DAMN.

Welcome to the national news, Cleveland. And so not in a good way.

In political news, mostly that I just care about:

Maine repealed their legalization of same-sex marriage, because California is a good state to idolize. Also they fucking suck. They did legalize medical marijuana. So getting high is more important than giving your state's residents equal rights.

NY-23 has gone to a Democrat for the first time since...I think someone in the forum said 1880? That can't be right, since districts get redrawn every 10 years because of the census, that thing Michele Bachman's protesting because she is batshit. Whatever, a long fucking time.

NJ elected a GOP governor. NJ has also had 8 governors in the last nine years, so why people are in a frenzy about this one is beyond me. Never been to NJ, would you believe I have no desire to ever go there?

Kalamazoo, which is still holding the title of favorite city I've ever lived in, passed an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Geauga County, where I just left, has failed for the 3285712th time to pass the school levy. It failed by eight votes. I think it failed by seven votes last spring. I moved out and didn't vote this year, so what, two people voted no who didn't? I bet dad and Kevin on the two new no-votes. Ledgmont spent an assload of money building a new schoolhouse that could have held my elementary school, which was 500+ students. How many students in Ledgmont? 80. No joke. Wonder why they're having money issues. It's just a matter of time before the state steps in and dissolves it. For myself, I just can't fund stupidity like that. Dissolve it, and we'll pay Chardon or Madison's school taxes, whichever. At least the kids might get a marching band with more than four people. In any case, no matter how many times Montville Township runs this ballot measure, they're not changing anyone's mind.

Ohio will be building casinos in their four major cities. This will do nothing to improve the scenery in any of these towns, and let's face it, Toledo could really use the help. Only uglier city in Ohio is Youngstown. Casinos in Detroit obviously didn't revitalize that town, so I have a huge bucket of salt for everyone saying they'll revitalize Ohio. For the most part, I don't care.

All right, I'm out. I'll be glued to a news source for next year's election night, guaranteed. ^_~
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Oh, why not.

Okay, now am I actually going to recover from this disease? Or not? I was up nearly all night in too much pain to sleep. Fun times. Day 6. THIS SUCKS.
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I have got the headache from hell. I'm thinking it might be another fucking sinus infection. Great. Just what I need. I was gonna spend that $120 to get my cat spayed, but hell, why not spend it on the fucking health professionals to tell me what I know and write a prescription?


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