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Unconfirmed, but it's now flying around Twitter that we've collected about half the signatures needed to toss my state's governor out on his ass.

It's been two weeks. We have until the tenth of January.

Holy. Shit.

I think I may need to just mail in my petitions I've got with their one signature (my husband's). This state's got it covered. They're gonna have the petitions submitted before Christmas if this keeps up.

Nice going Wisconsin!

We did get a LOT of practice earlier this year during the Senate recalls but there is a bit of a major difference here. Madison and Milwaukee get to sign and vote on this one too. There's at least 400,000(if not more)of us right there with a bit of a grudge.

I'm home for a bit of a break before I go and work a three hour shift(WHY?!) at Michael's later this morning. Then I'm off until Tuesday. And my feet might get a chance to recover. I am so tempted to buy a foot bath, but after tomorrow, I don't think I'm really going to need it. I can be on my feet for 8 hours at a time and not be too gone-my shoes aren't great, but they're not horrible either. It's the 15 hours per day, and more than one day in a row, that are doing me in.
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Fantastic video of why we were all out freezing our asses.

The song is a bit too country-like for me, but still....damn.

No, I'm not in this one. =P
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Taking a break from feeling like mental shit(I'm sure it's temporary) to bask in victory.

The last two recalled Dems held onto their seats without much of a fight.

This is further convincing me that the GAB really should have pursued those allegations of fraud on the submitted recall petitions. The people checking the petitions found proof of 30% fraudulent signatures, beyond enough to stop the elections even happening, and I think in all of the Dem races there were fewer voters for the GOP candidate than submitted signatures. That didn't happen on the Dem side for the recalled GOP candidates. If anything, we got WAY more people to vote for our candidates than signed the petitions.

Not much we can do now except to keep up the momentum. Walker's not eligible for recall until January. I think we're going to try recalling Gableman while we're at it. Not sure if we're going to go after more senators, since the ones who got elected in 2010 will also be eligible then as well. I kinda doubt it. Think we'll just go for the big douche in office.

So all that public anger against the Dems for fleeing to Illinois? Not seeing it. After all, they could only get enough signatures against 3 of the 8 eligible for recall, and the three who did have elections held onto their seats without difficulty.
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Less than 48 hours.

I need a massive fucking drink. I was not this nervous in 2008.

For the curious... )

In fun news, apparently the national media's going to take over my city again. Honestly, not sure why. I guess we started in Madison, we'll finish it in Madison? None of the state elections are happening in Madison.
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Home stretch.

I am going to be so on edge for the next seven days.

If you see me around, just drag me into a bar and I'll get the beer and be calm for at least a half hour. I suppose ice cream or baked goods with chocolate will have a similar calming effect.

Home stretch. It's almost over. Win or lose, it's almost over.

Oh I get a new computer tonight but strangely I'm more concerned with state politics. It's been a long six months.

I hope we win.

Stuck home with a bad bout of IBS today. This has better go away tomorrow, I have plans and they involve being at the Labor Temple. I had planned to be there today too, but the constant pooping kind of fucks with the volunteering. Sorry if that's TMI. I have to live with it. :P
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Well, election nights. More accurately, one down, eight to go, in terms of contested senate seats in WI.

Dave Hansen held onto his seat by a fairly large margin.

There were less GOP voters than there were signatures on Hansen's recall petitions.

Fraud was suspected at the time the petitions were filed for all the Democratic senators, as much as 30%, but the GAB didn't investigate.

I mean, yes, Hansen ended up having to run against VanderLeest because Nygren, the real candidate, didn't make it onto the ballot because he's fucking stupid and VanderLeest is a criminal which might've had voters sit at home. In the grand scheme of things this was an easy victory, but still...they couldn't turn out enough voters to at least match the recall petition signatures?

And as always, more bitching about the weather. Turn the fucking oven off out there already, damn it!
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All the zombie Dems went down to a miserable shameful pathetic embarrassing defeat. Except District 10, which honestly was a bit closer than it should have been.

Still. The zombies lost!
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Recall election primaries in WI today for the Democratic candidates running.

Hold me.
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Day 100.
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Wasn't kidding when I said local politics had taken over my life and that my time on LJ was mostly being spent elsewhere.

Still, that's awesome and I do feel great for that post having even been made. Because I am sitting here thinking I'm not doing enough.
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My digestive system refuses to behave. At all.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be downtown. Alas, my current condition requires easy access to a toilet.

Then again...I bet I'll get my chance, if not yesterday or today.

Last time I was in the rotunda, I was getting married. Don't think I'd even get near it now.

(if anyone's wondering what that's about, go pick up a newspaper...or google 'wisconsin news' if you're not stateside, we're making it for reasons that don't involve football)

Think I will go for a walk later today though.

Also, Borders has filed for bankruptcy. This makes me sad.

I don't really have it in me to write a whole lot. What's going on here has me a bit nervous. I think it's going to get ugly here. Well, uglier.

ETA: Fuck it, I'm going downtown.

My city. Right now. Image from WSJ )


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