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Tomorrow's October 8th.

Exactly four years ago tomorrow, I was laid off from my last chemistry job. I start my new job at a pharmaceutical company as an Associate Scientist. Capitalized for emphasis.

Roughly three years ago Jason and I left our current respective homes(Michigan and Ohio) and came to Wisconsin, where the economy wasn't great, but it wasn't the absolute shit that it was in Ohio and still is in Michigan. Guess we didn't want to go too far in case things went to shit.

It's been a damn interesting three years, not even needing to include 2011 which quite possibly wins as most interesting year of my life.

I regret nothing. And I really hope this job works out and goes well.

Suppose I should make dinner. No clue what to do with that one, but I do have two CSA boxes of gleanings from today's clean out the fields of all edible food event.
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So yesterday turned out to be my last day of work at the Middleton store. I did get a transfer and I'm starting at the Janesville store in early June. I've essentially got a 3.5 week vacation.

I spent yesterday asleep. Got a couple boxes packed up today, currently having a fight with my resume edit, but I think I'll get that thing looking some form of presentable. Now taking a break and watching Star Trek and cooking dinner. Baked turkey, baked asparagus, and thinking of a couple potatoes to go with it.

Today was also the first day of CSA pick-up. I've been wanting to do one for ages, and decided this was the year. They do drop-offs in Janesville too and hopefully changing the pick-up point won't be a problem. But in my first box: green garlic, asparagus, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, and radishes. I told Jason if he picked up pie crusts and some strawberries I would make it worth his while. Jason LOVES strawberry-rhubarb pie. I'm rather fond of it myself. Plus PIE! Pie is always good. =D The box ended up being four bags worth of veggies for me to carry home, and I'm told this is the small box of the season. O_O I might start swimming in veggies later on this season. Good thing I know some preservation methods for most veggies. Plus I make a bitchin' salsa. Right [personal profile] chanter_greenie? ;)

Now I want pie. =P
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I've not had any days off from work aside from Christmas Day over the past two weeks, so while my schedule next week consists of a whole three hours(which is ass), I am looking forward to getting some rest for a bit.

Some other things that have made the short list of plans:
-re-read the Harry Potter books(just finished Sorcerer's Stone)
-murder my loud annoying neighbors in their sleep
-go downtown with chanter_greenie and get silly
-finish my puzzle
-do laundry(this one's kind of a necessity at this point)
-kill my neighbors some more
-look for another job
-take the tree down, clean up a bit
-sleep? maybe?

Sleep sounds good.

In spite of two weeks of antibiotics, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Hope this isn't planning on sticking around.

Oh yeah, and I've fucking waited long enough. New episode of Sherlock on Sunday. Over a year I've been waiting now. This had better be damned good.
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Unconfirmed, but it's now flying around Twitter that we've collected about half the signatures needed to toss my state's governor out on his ass.

It's been two weeks. We have until the tenth of January.

Holy. Shit.

I think I may need to just mail in my petitions I've got with their one signature (my husband's). This state's got it covered. They're gonna have the petitions submitted before Christmas if this keeps up.

Nice going Wisconsin!

We did get a LOT of practice earlier this year during the Senate recalls but there is a bit of a major difference here. Madison and Milwaukee get to sign and vote on this one too. There's at least 400,000(if not more)of us right there with a bit of a grudge.

I'm home for a bit of a break before I go and work a three hour shift(WHY?!) at Michael's later this morning. Then I'm off until Tuesday. And my feet might get a chance to recover. I am so tempted to buy a foot bath, but after tomorrow, I don't think I'm really going to need it. I can be on my feet for 8 hours at a time and not be too gone-my shoes aren't great, but they're not horrible either. It's the 15 hours per day, and more than one day in a row, that are doing me in.
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Well so far switching my sleep schedule is not going so well. I'm taking longish staggered naps. I'm awake for about eight to twelve hours, then I go to sleep for about five to six hours. My last nap was at 6pm, woke up at 11pm, so I will most likely be up until Jason has left for work. When I will then go for another long nap, get up at 2pm, be awake until midnight, then know, I don't even care much about when I'm going to be awake or asleep next, so I'm honestly not sure why the hell I assume anyone else does.

Christmas was good. I made out with a 2TB external hard drive (knew it!) and a Red Wings long-sleeved T-shirt. They won tonight! I slept through the damn game, but they won! Woohoo! It's the new shirt, it's lucky! Plus it looks good on me. I wear red like a fucking champ. =) Jason got Shawshank Redemption, a new iced tea maker, hopefully one that doesn't leak all over the damn place, the Back to the Future movie set, and Lewis Black's new book. I also bought myself a tea kettle, Sherlock DVD's, and a book with a rather hefty Border's coupon I had. In addition to gifts, we did get a bit extravagant with the food. I seriously spent about four days just cooking, my two days off work, then as soon as my last day was over, I set up the kitchen to cook for Christmas Eve(which, strangely enough, has always been the big meal day in my family rather than Christmas Day). I know a few of you are into cooking and food, so the menu:
There be lots of food descriptions here, don't come in hungry. )

For this menu, cooking it all alone and in a tiny kitchen, a friend of mine elsewhere on the internets said I should be crowned the Queen Master of Christmas Cooking. Do they make a crown for that? Cause I'd totally wear it. I don't own a chef's hat. =P

I think Boxing Day's supposed to be some sort of shopping day? Yeah. Fuck that. I opted to sit on my ass on the couch being lazy. We watched Jason's new movie set before I went to take another 5 hour nap, woke up to watch today's new Top Gear which was pretty decent, then dusted off my weighted gloves and worked out for 25 minutes. Sweated my ass off and I think my stomach did protest one segment but overall, that felt good.

So...unemployed again. Got two applications sitting here I need to get cracking on...sometime later today. Jason made a run for Qdoba, and I've got some nachos sitting here that are not going down even remotely well. I destroyed two pairs of jeans at my job, so I need to go clothes shopping, something I really don't want to do at all. *sigh* Back to this grind.
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Hi. I'm still alive. Barely.

I'll try to update this thing some more after Black Friday. I've got to work until then, and I'm already thinking of jumping in the highway just to end the pain and exhaustion.

Need to call the surgeon for my test results. Hope I'm not gonna drop dead. Well...not from whatever the fuck's wrong with me. Dropping dead from exhaustion's looking fairly likely.

About to apply for jobs in Minnesota, near the Twin Cities. I've never been to Minnesota except to change planes that one time and that really doesn't count, but I don't think I'd hate the place.
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With the exception of the turkey, which got a bit overcooked on account of 1)I slept in and 2)Jason didn't pull it out when he got up earlier, dinner was EXCELLENT. Even the turkey wasn't too bad, all things considered. I feel like such a master chef. I ended up not making the squash, because once everything started finishing up and I used up all my available counter space and the lukewarm burner spots on the stove...we're going to be swimming in leftovers for at least a week. Only things I had never made before were the cranberry relish(it'd take some work to mess that up, and hey, I have a new toy called a food processor-happy belated birthday?), the turkey(eh), and the stuffing(YUM).

That was fun though, cooking a huge meal like that. And we haven't even touched the pies yet. Keeping the cat out of everything was something of a special challenge.

Oh holy crap, where in the fridge are we going to put all this food?

I have to work second shift tomorrow, for ten hours. Oh YUCK. It will be hellishly awful, but at least I get to miss the doorbuster crowd. I do have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off from work. Which means Jason and I are making a run to Ohio for our bookcases and winter coats. Not sure when we'll get another opportunity, at least not while this job of mine lasts. I am tempted to surprise my parents, but I just know if I do that, my dad will actually mail all the crap home I've been asking about. :p I'm sure the phone call I'm about to make will be surprise enough.

Things I'm thankful for...I'm glad I don't live with my parents anymore, although I miss everyone, I'm thankful this meal turned out GREAT and that it felt like Thanksgiving even though it's just me and Jason and Mimi and no other crazy family members, and I'm really damn thankful I have a job that I'm getting 30 hours a week at, if not more.
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My cat ate my headphones. Well, I think they were actually Jason's spare headphones. Still, those were the nicest headphones I'd ever had.

THANKS MIMI. Stupid effing cat.

I couldn't sleep last night.
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I have an interview tomorrow afternoon.

ETA: And one hour later, I think I just sprained my ankle(lord, I hope not). It's bruised, and I can't walk on it without PAIN LOTS OF PAIN shooting through my foot.


My dad, survivor of several sprains and one broken leg, and pre-med dropout, has given his expert diagnosis. I sprained my foot.


Jan. 5th, 2009 12:48 am
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I just got hosed by hiring freeze number three.

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I have no regrets. None at all. Also, HEE.

APG went out of business as of yesterday. I left my contact information with the one guy I considered a friend, and I actually heard from him today. And boy, did he have some news! :p

I was a major dumbass though. I just saw Tom and -er and APG in the first part of the e-mail, and thought it was Tom Coyners, the former owner! You know, someone I seriously screwed over without a single regret when I walked out the door. And BOY did my head about splatter brains all over this room!

Heh. That non-compete I signed is probably even more worthless now. Although the PT industry being a damn tiny one, it was never really an issue.

Seriously sucks to high hell that the peons, which is what the lab people were, are suddenly unemployed for the holidays. I know some of them were barely making it as it was (Cyndi in particular springs to mind), and there's really not much else as far as jobs go in that area. On the other absolutely horribly as that company was run, this is not unexpected. Tom(B) mentioned that everyone lost their jobs. I bet the Coyners made enough money from the sale of the company to live like kings though. As small as it was, I wouldn't be surprised if ERA just moves everything to their place in Colorado.

Networking. I think I'm doing it right. I hear all the juicy stuff at Superior Flux, I heard about the explosions at MPBio, I'm damned sure I'd hear about anything at Gabriel involving Joe being fired. Not bad for someone who can't hold a job for more than four months at a time.
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If you give an employee lottery tickets as a going away gift.......yooooouuuuuuuu might be a redneck.

If you get tired on a roadtrip and use the bed of your pickup truck as an actual bed while the truck is barrelling down the freeway.......yoooooouuuuuu might be a redneck.

I seriously cannot make this shit up. My former boss gave me LOTTERY TICKETS as a going-away gift.

The other one, I saw on I-77. I did not have my camera out. Believe me, I'd have posted photographic evidence. I cannot make this shit up.
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Okay, so, my job here sucks, although I may be able to start parlaying some work stories into a rather nice humor novel at some point.

I'm financially solvent enough that I can actually pick up and move and probably live for a good six months just about anywhere. Recession or not, I was able to find work pretty steadily in rust-belt hell Cleveland, so I'm not overly worried about finding work. Still, I guess I wouldn't mind some input on where to go. You'll notice(or not) that Ohio is not an option. This state hasn't been horrible to me, but to be honest, it hasn't been that great either.

[Poll #1237047]
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For those who hadn't caught on, things at work have been slow as hell lately. So I think all the lab techs have been abusing the internet connection in here during our shifts.

I am the only one here who deletes my browser history.

Which means I'm learning some weird shit about my other coworkers.
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Two shutouts. My Wings are AWESOME! 3-0, for those who were curious. Don't blow it in Pittsburgh guys.

Seven hours to go. I really hope my phone doesn't ring, I've planned a big night of fooling around and doing nothing.
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The Stars are out. :D

Kinda sucks that I had to check the online news sites for this news. It's much more fun to watch with my parents. :p Hopefully I get to do more of that as the Wings kick some Penguin ass. ^_~

Along those lines, I'm now about to start planning a trip to Pittsburgh and Gettysburg...[ profile] annie_oakley, any places in Pittsburgh worth a visit?

My 12-hour overnight shifts are over. For whatever reason, those really took it out of me. Just a regular 8-hour night shift now. I feel a lot better now that I got some sleep. Hopefully I don't need as much coffee either.
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I was starting to feel a lot better, and then yesterday, RELAPSE. Dammit. Actually, since I had today off and I'd been getting about 4-5 hours of sleep per night, I'm not sure if I relapsed or if I'm just too fucking tired to tell. I spent 4 hours this afternoon sleeping. For anyone thinking I'm about to throw off my sleep schedule even more, I certainly hope so.

I go on third shift for a week tomorrow. Cheers. Guess in spite of being a bumbling fool in the lab, I did good enough to be trusted alone for eight hours. God, I hope they have good coffee. I haven't been awake voluntarily from 10pm-8am since finals week when I had quant so many years ago.

Holy shit.

Apr. 14th, 2008 01:28 pm
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I just got a call from my recruiters. She was wondering if I was open to working a swing shift, since there's a QC lab that needs another chemist.

The location? Gabriel Performance Products in Ashtabula. I worked for them Oct-Nov 2007, and like Smithers-Oasis, I was rather disheartened when I got laid off, as I rather liked it there.

I'd jump up and down with joy at this possibility, except a) I woke up with the flu(missed the signs courtesy of conference, I'm always a bit worn down afterwards), and b) they haven't made me an offer yet, just asked if my resume could be passed. I'm guessing ShermLarry retired. Still, HERE'S HOPING THEY WANT ME BACK!!!!!!
ETA: They need to clear up some bureaucratic crap, but since I was there before and actually worked in the QC lab, I'm their first choice. It is sadly a temp job while one of their regular chemists has an operation (yick), but still, better something for awhile while I still look for permanent offers.

Back to drinking my weight in tea...still not up to writing that sectionals post that one or two of you are possibly interested in reading. :p
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Well, I have to head back to Ohio this weekend.

I got a job in Solon, OH. Another temporary position, should last a month or two.

I need the cash, and I'm sure I'd be more excited if I didn't remember just how much the traffic in Solon SUCKED, or how long a commute it was.
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At the risk of further jinxing myself, I have to say I think my interview this morning went rather well. And the labs there are NICE. :)

Hold it-stop or I'll make you stop!

I got another intverview, with a different group, Thursday at 1:00pm. Whatever I'm doing right is awesome, but I'm going to be baking my weight in brownies before this is over, and then some.

Geez, it's been a busy day!
Sherwin-Williams called wanting to follow up on something, and guessing from the tone, offer me an interview. About damned time! :p Or, damn that was fast, as dad did apply for a job for me yesterday.


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