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Birthdate:Nov 5
Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
Communities I moderate and/or maintain:
[info]tim_o_fans Owner/maintainer/moderator. Alone for now.
[info]ontd_gubler Co-mod with [info]infinitycluster and [info]britt_m_89
[info]idiotboxworship Co-mod with [info]startracer. I admit, if wank happens here, I will laugh my ass off just because it happened.


If you're here because of an issue in one of those communities, send me a PM and I will deal with it as soon as possible. DO NOT contact me in my personal journal if you're here because of a community issue. You will only succeed in pissing me off more.

Daria is Sarcastic Love. ♥
(Thank you [info]kaimelarfeylove)

Okay then, about me.

First of all, this journal is mostly friends only. I check my profile fairly often, so I'll see if anyone has friended me. Expect a comment or two on your journal if you've added me. If I don't know who you are or why you've friended me, I will probably not add you back. Coming into my LJ and being an asshole IS a bannable offense. I'm not popular enough to warrant this too often, but it has happened. Anonymous commenting is banned.

Veronica Mars is Detective Love ♥
(Thank you [info]biteme_icons)

I sometimes attempt to teach myself some more Japanese...badly. Sometimes I may write in Japanese, if you want a translation, ask.

Apparently I'm getting a reputation for online tech support. I've got nothing against helping people with their computers, since mine pisses me off too, but you've either got to be nice to me or pay me.

(Thank you [info]robes_of_earth)

This is where I come to rant about whatever has gone wrong for the day/week/month/year/decade/life. Occasionally the TV shows I love make it here too. Not currently in love with anything airing, but I do have lots of love for Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel, Psych, Top Gear, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Daria, and I forget what all else. Books and video games and art and photography may also be commented on here. Politics maybe on occasion. Oh. And gardening and cooking. I am a woman of many hobbies. Not so sure about talent.

(Thank you [info]ascendant_angel)

I'm unemployed, long-term. So I spend a lot of time online trying not to go insane. It's not working. If you know someone who needs a borderline insaneentry-level analytical chemist, drop me a line.

For today's fun and trying economic times.
"Tough times don't last. Tough people do."

"Be careful who you hate. It could be someone that you love."

"May you live in interesting times." ~ Old Chinese Curse. I think it applies. Also: "May you find what you're looking for."

"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." ~ Old Chinese Proverb

"Life sucks no matter what, so don't be fooled by a location change." Daria

For the curious-my name.

迷 Spelled mei. Means to be lost or astray.
看 Spelled mi. Means to watch over or to see.
ちゃん Spelled chan. Honorific used amongst close friends or for younger kids.

These two kanji together are not a real word in any dictionary, but Japanese is fun way. So I've made up a name for myself that means I'm lost, but watching it all anyways. Maybe I'll switch it to dark and watching someday. :p

Sherlock mood theme created by [info]kohler
Veronica Mars mood theme created by [info]dallowayward
Daria mood theme created by [info]misery_chick
Psych mood theme created by [info]mundo_fine
Faith mood theme created by [info]fade_within
Top Gear mood theme created by [info]teawolf
Psych Lassiter mood theme created by ME. All screencaps courtesy of [info]burgundy_shoes and [info]rawr_caps-they did all the really hard work.

Team Lassiter

Unless it was approaching in a threatening manner. [info]teamlassie FTW at [info]psychland.

Interests (134):

alpha phi omega, alternative energy, american chemical society, angel, ani difranco, anime, art, atheism, backrubs, baking, beer, bob seger, bones, books, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, carlton lassiter, cats, chemistry, chicago, cities, classic literature, cleveland, community supported agriculture, cooking, crappy weather, criminal minds, csa, daria, detroit, digital camera, dogs, drawing, dukes of hazzard, eating local, environmentalism, family, fanfiction, fantasy novels, feminism, final fantasy, food, fushigi yuugi, garbage, gardening, geography, glee, good books, great lakes, harry potter, hockey, human rights, internet, james may, japan, jason dohring, joan of arcadia, john mellencamp, large cities, lassiter, leinenkugels, liberalism, literature, madison, making jewelry, michigan, midwest, moonlight, movies, music, national parks, new glarus brewing company, nightwish, nikon, obama, organic gardening, painting, pastels, peak oil, photography, playstation, playstation2, politics, psych, puns, pyromania, railroad, reading, red wings, renewable energy, road trip, roxette, rpg video games, rum, rurouni kenshin, sailormoon, sarcasm, sex and the city, slayers, sleeping, snes, snow, solar energy, something corporate, spencer reid, spotted cow, stanley cup, super nintendo, sushi, swimming, swordfighting, swordfighting movies, television, that 70's show, the original nintendo, tim omundson, top gear, tori amos, trains, traveling, tv, upper peninsula of michigan, vegetable gardening, veronica mars, video games, walking, water, water polo, watercolor, watercolor painting, wisconsin, working out, writing
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