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Had a great time in Chicago, thanks for all the congratulations. I really needed that day in Chicago, no matter how drop-dead exhausted I was at the end-I'd been awake for over 25 hours by the time we got home. I haven't been in this good a mood in months.

Unfortunately, my camera is hosed. It's still usable, but it does need to be replaced. There's a set of spots that show up in nearly every fucking photo I take, especially if it's outside and the background's a light color. It can be worked around, but it's also a serious pain in the ass. I may try getting it cleaned again, but the professional photographer I just chatted with said it's probably not fixable.

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Heading off to Chicago for the day. YIPPEE!

I need to get out of here for awhile, apparently. Think we're going to drive to a metra station, then take the train the rest of the way in.

Not really going crazy with the planned activities. Our big planned activity is visiting Shedd Aquarium, and possibly having dinner at a nice-ish place. Lunch is probably going to be a hot dog, or something else close to that price range. I can't stand hot dogs unless it's a Chicago dog, I'm funny that way. Walking around and taking photos is a plan of mine too. We didn't see nearly enough of the Art Institute last time, but don't think we're gonna have time for two huge attractions like that, so if we've got time I'm thinking one of the smaller art museums. The photography museum is one I wouldn't mind seeing, think it's on the south end of the Loop.

One year ago today, Jason and I got married. It's been a crazy god-damn year, but not our marriage-that's been pretty damn stable. fight? Maybe two? Who knows. Love you sweetie! ♥
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Job interview in Chicago on June 29th!

In other news, got sicker last night and had issues with breathing.

I really want this job.

Oooh, guess those promised thunderstorms are about to happen.

I love Madison, but if I have to leave this city for Chicago...I can live with that. I love Chicago. That would be perfect timing too...just when I was starting to get to know locals in this area and had actually made a friend or two! Not that I'd be too far from Madison.


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