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My brother is having complications, called he's developed an abscess where his appendix was and they're gonna have to do another surgery. He's currently at the ER with my dad having the CAT scan done to make sure, but they think that's what it is, and if that is what it is, he's going to be in the hospital for probably another two weeks.

So my mom just called me up and told me to get to Cleveland. Not sure HOW I'm getting there yet, and I'm most likely not leaving until tomorrow.

I find it beyond fucking odd that Windi King is arriving via bus to Madison TODAY because her mom is in the UW hospital downtown having complications from a transplant, and I'm most likely about to bus out to Cleveland to visit my brother having complications from appendicitis.

Don't you love it when real life happens? /sarcastic voice

I just got back from my garden plot, tilled another row, mostly of dandelions and rocks, and I need a shower. Then a beer. Or a spiked Coke, whichever.

UPDATE It's apparently not nearly as bad as they'd thought, he had the surgery, he's most likely going to go home tomorrow to finish I've been told not to rush out. O_o So......okay then. Still waiting for more phone calls.
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My brother is in the ER, and is about to be admitted to the hospital. They don't know what's wrong, but it involves being really sick and puking up blood.

I was already drinking Diet Coke, I just dumped in a bunch of rum. Any more bad news and I'm looking up bus ticket prices to Cleveland. Actually...I'm doing that anyways($40, 8-hour trip? NOT BAD). I've met my brother, he has royal bad luck.

I did have the bad grace to point out to my mom that of the four of us, I'm the only one who has never been admitted to the hospital. Which means I'll be getting hit by a bus any day now. I just come and do the humorous distraction. With card games and YouTube videos. I've got hospital visiting down to a damn science.

Of all the fucking times to not be in Ohio and 700 fucking miles away. >:(

ETA: Mom just called with an update, he's got appendicitis.

ETA Again: Dad just called. His opening sentence was that Kevin's in ICU. >_< Good going there, but he's likely there because the recovery room isn't staffed. He had his appendix removed at 7:00pm EST. Most those types of surgery are done during the day. He's out of surgery and recovering, soon as he wakes up and is alive, mom and Alicia are gonna head home. Dad's restraining himself from the Johnny Walker at the moment in case Alicia's car takes a dump. This is how dad and I were when my mom was hospitalized. He and I are way too similar.

ETA 4/12: He was a cranky irritable bastard from hell today. So since my immediate family knows him, we figure he's doing okay and so far, he's all right to go home tomorrow. I told his best friend from HS to call him on Wednesday or Thursday. I actually haven't talked to him at all yet. He was too out of it on Sunday, and I was pretty much warned off even attempting it today.
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With the exception of the turkey, which got a bit overcooked on account of 1)I slept in and 2)Jason didn't pull it out when he got up earlier, dinner was EXCELLENT. Even the turkey wasn't too bad, all things considered. I feel like such a master chef. I ended up not making the squash, because once everything started finishing up and I used up all my available counter space and the lukewarm burner spots on the stove...we're going to be swimming in leftovers for at least a week. Only things I had never made before were the cranberry relish(it'd take some work to mess that up, and hey, I have a new toy called a food processor-happy belated birthday?), the turkey(eh), and the stuffing(YUM).

That was fun though, cooking a huge meal like that. And we haven't even touched the pies yet. Keeping the cat out of everything was something of a special challenge.

Oh holy crap, where in the fridge are we going to put all this food?

I have to work second shift tomorrow, for ten hours. Oh YUCK. It will be hellishly awful, but at least I get to miss the doorbuster crowd. I do have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off from work. Which means Jason and I are making a run to Ohio for our bookcases and winter coats. Not sure when we'll get another opportunity, at least not while this job of mine lasts. I am tempted to surprise my parents, but I just know if I do that, my dad will actually mail all the crap home I've been asking about. :p I'm sure the phone call I'm about to make will be surprise enough.

Things I'm thankful for...I'm glad I don't live with my parents anymore, although I miss everyone, I'm thankful this meal turned out GREAT and that it felt like Thanksgiving even though it's just me and Jason and Mimi and no other crazy family members, and I'm really damn thankful I have a job that I'm getting 30 hours a week at, if not more.
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Dad: Did you see what it did out there?

Me: Yeah, it fucking snowed.

Dad: You watch your language. You know better than to say snow to me.

Me: Sorry.

See Jason, snow is a swear word to everyone in my family, at least this time of year. Moreso than fuck is, that's for sure. I come by it honestly. ^_~

I had planned to start cleaning up the garden. With the ground being soggy and you know, covered in yucky white shit, that didn't happen. I moved furniture instead.

Oh yeah, I got my federal refund dropped in my account. :D I now need to go buy myself something fun.
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Our dog was put down this morning.

He had heart failure, he kept having attacks, and he was in a lot of pain.

Mom's the one really upset by it, Casey was her dog.


Nov. 29th, 2008 01:38 am
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The Schuler's at Eastwood is suddenly my favorite place ever. I found Tarkio:Omnibus there!

I'd been kinda glancing for it anywhere I went that had a decent music selection(translation-not a big box store). Not surprisingly, most places didn't have it. I was going to just ask for it for Christmas, and not expect it-my parents have really dropped off their online shopping in the past couple years, and yeah, I know Amazon has it.

But screw that! I found it, did a happy dance in the store, and bought the fucking thing!

I also found a gift that will simultaneously make Alicia laugh and my brother miserable. Talk about your win-wins.
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Two more days.

I've got six beers left and several bottles of liquor.

Two more days. I'm going to go farking insane. I can't seem to stay away from the online polling sites, and they're starting to give me heart failure.

In dumb news, I spent the afternoon playing Clue while my entire family was doped up on headache drugs. Won three games out of three. I think I honed my Clue skills at Tech. ^_~
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My mom was just admitted to the hospital. They're going ahead with her surgery tomorrrow. She's just too fucking sick to put it off. Cardiologist will be on hand.

I will spend the rest of the evening drinking.
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Phew! Got home at 9:30, spent the past 1.5 hours catching up on LJ. You know, there's more to read when I'm not refreshing the fucking page every so often. :)

Be forewarned, I wrote a LOT.

Fuck Michigan. No seriously, FUCK Michigan. )

My aunt seems to be doing okay, thank goodness. )

And meanwhile, at my brother's place... )

And now, the end is near...who clapped? )


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