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Phew! Got home at 9:30, spent the past 1.5 hours catching up on LJ. You know, there's more to read when I'm not refreshing the fucking page every so often. :)

Be forewarned, I wrote a LOT.

Fuck Michigan. No seriously, FUCK Michigan. )

My aunt seems to be doing okay, thank goodness. )

And meanwhile, at my brother's place... )

And now, the end is near...who clapped? )
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Well, I think it's high time this anemia high-tails it the fuck out of here. Chris told me I look like hell, and I actually got a fair amount of research done today, in the 3 hours I've been here.

I found my ring. It was in the box I always keep it in. Which I find funny, because when I was first looking for it, I know I looked through that box at least three times. So when I go to get earrings, there my ring is, wrapped around one of the earrings I wanted? Good grief. I know I did a lot of shots last week, because last week sucked, but I don't recall getting drunk at all. Maybe I don't search well under stress. Or I sleep-walked my ring into the box. Who the fuck knows...

Well, I get to e-mail research results to my advisor, and shop for car insurance. Joy. Oh, and I offered to help pack up McCracken. What was I thinking, other than $10 an hour for 4 days of moving, and I am broke? That IS what I was thinking.

We finally, FINALLY got our appointment letters for next semester. Which is good, since we get our first paycheck for next semester this FRIDAY. Way to be on top of things, ass clowns. I am just so utterly impressed with the sheer brilliance of the administration people at this university, and by utterly impressed, I mean completely blown away by the sheer lack of skill. MTU's admin people were so much better than this.

Jason and I are going to the GLI on Friday, the 29th. I'd take bets on how well MTU will do, but that just doesn't seem like a bright idea, all things considered. Should be fun, though, I hope. And in my mission to spend time with Belle... :p Oh well, still got that party in January to look forward to.

ETA: My mom's present FINALLY arrived. About fucking time.

As of Wednesday, I am officially on vacation.


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