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So yesterday turned out to be my last day of work at the Middleton store. I did get a transfer and I'm starting at the Janesville store in early June. I've essentially got a 3.5 week vacation.

I spent yesterday asleep. Got a couple boxes packed up today, currently having a fight with my resume edit, but I think I'll get that thing looking some form of presentable. Now taking a break and watching Star Trek and cooking dinner. Baked turkey, baked asparagus, and thinking of a couple potatoes to go with it.

Today was also the first day of CSA pick-up. I've been wanting to do one for ages, and decided this was the year. They do drop-offs in Janesville too and hopefully changing the pick-up point won't be a problem. But in my first box: green garlic, asparagus, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, and radishes. I told Jason if he picked up pie crusts and some strawberries I would make it worth his while. Jason LOVES strawberry-rhubarb pie. I'm rather fond of it myself. Plus PIE! Pie is always good. =D The box ended up being four bags worth of veggies for me to carry home, and I'm told this is the small box of the season. O_O I might start swimming in veggies later on this season. Good thing I know some preservation methods for most veggies. Plus I make a bitchin' salsa. Right [personal profile] chanter_greenie? ;)

Now I want pie. =P
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I've not had any days off from work aside from Christmas Day over the past two weeks, so while my schedule next week consists of a whole three hours(which is ass), I am looking forward to getting some rest for a bit.

Some other things that have made the short list of plans:
-re-read the Harry Potter books(just finished Sorcerer's Stone)
-murder my loud annoying neighbors in their sleep
-go downtown with chanter_greenie and get silly
-finish my puzzle
-do laundry(this one's kind of a necessity at this point)
-kill my neighbors some more
-look for another job
-take the tree down, clean up a bit
-sleep? maybe?

Sleep sounds good.

In spite of two weeks of antibiotics, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Hope this isn't planning on sticking around.

Oh yeah, and I've fucking waited long enough. New episode of Sherlock on Sunday. Over a year I've been waiting now. This had better be damned good.
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Well so far switching my sleep schedule is not going so well. I'm taking longish staggered naps. I'm awake for about eight to twelve hours, then I go to sleep for about five to six hours. My last nap was at 6pm, woke up at 11pm, so I will most likely be up until Jason has left for work. When I will then go for another long nap, get up at 2pm, be awake until midnight, then know, I don't even care much about when I'm going to be awake or asleep next, so I'm honestly not sure why the hell I assume anyone else does.

Christmas was good. I made out with a 2TB external hard drive (knew it!) and a Red Wings long-sleeved T-shirt. They won tonight! I slept through the damn game, but they won! Woohoo! It's the new shirt, it's lucky! Plus it looks good on me. I wear red like a fucking champ. =) Jason got Shawshank Redemption, a new iced tea maker, hopefully one that doesn't leak all over the damn place, the Back to the Future movie set, and Lewis Black's new book. I also bought myself a tea kettle, Sherlock DVD's, and a book with a rather hefty Border's coupon I had. In addition to gifts, we did get a bit extravagant with the food. I seriously spent about four days just cooking, my two days off work, then as soon as my last day was over, I set up the kitchen to cook for Christmas Eve(which, strangely enough, has always been the big meal day in my family rather than Christmas Day). I know a few of you are into cooking and food, so the menu:
There be lots of food descriptions here, don't come in hungry. )

For this menu, cooking it all alone and in a tiny kitchen, a friend of mine elsewhere on the internets said I should be crowned the Queen Master of Christmas Cooking. Do they make a crown for that? Cause I'd totally wear it. I don't own a chef's hat. =P

I think Boxing Day's supposed to be some sort of shopping day? Yeah. Fuck that. I opted to sit on my ass on the couch being lazy. We watched Jason's new movie set before I went to take another 5 hour nap, woke up to watch today's new Top Gear which was pretty decent, then dusted off my weighted gloves and worked out for 25 minutes. Sweated my ass off and I think my stomach did protest one segment but overall, that felt good.

So...unemployed again. Got two applications sitting here I need to get cracking on...sometime later today. Jason made a run for Qdoba, and I've got some nachos sitting here that are not going down even remotely well. I destroyed two pairs of jeans at my job, so I need to go clothes shopping, something I really don't want to do at all. *sigh* Back to this grind.
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Movies/TV shows, yes, books, I do buy and re-read my favorites whenever the mood strikes me. My upper limit on movie/TV show rewatches is until I get sick of it. Seriously, do people actually have a set number? I've also been known to replay my favorite video games, and I'm almost 95% an RPG kinda girl.

Waiting impatiently for my Sherlock DVDs to arrive so I can start rewatching those over and over again. =D
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If you've got a few minutes of spare time, could you go here, leave a comment telling Team Lassie how awesome they are?

Seriously, we could use the points, Team Jules beat the stuffing out of us last phase. It was embarrassing. We were a distant second place.

But come on, help Team Lassie get off to a strong head start!

I'll give you cookies. Or....cheesecake slice?

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Daisy Wick from Bones. Holy fuck, she made seasons 4 and 5 more annoying just by existing.

I have no idea how she'd go, but god dammit, she'd go. I'm thinking a sulfuric acid bath.

I don't hate Daisy nearly as much as Piz from Veronica Mars(I don't hate any fictional character as much as I hate Piz), or Shaw from Chuck, but VM is off the air, and I'm pretty sure Shaw is never going to be seen again on Chuck, while I am still very much in danger of having Daisy grace my TV screen again in the fall.

My favorite show currently airing is actually Psych, but I like all the characters on that one, so had to go with another one. =P
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I have shamelessly stolen this idea from [ profile] lemmealone who did this as Gus, got inspired to do it for Lassie, and I then shared this idea with [ profile] infinitycluster and [ profile] britt_m_89 in the ontdgubler chatroom we love to haunt, got peer-pressured to do it as Dr. Reid with them, so I'm now doing this meme for TWO characters. It will probably suck. Cut for your avoiding pleasure, since my RL friends probably couldn't give two shits about this.

Meme as Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds )

Meme as Carlton Lassiter from Psych )

Meme as Daria Morgendorffer )
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Or wake up the rest of the way. >_<

Fandom Steel Cage's down to the final two. And I don't know how to link the pictures back to the website, so just click the nice link and vote for Buffy.

Sheldon Cooper vs. Buffy Summers. (and considering my friends and the shows they watch, I should have posted something for the Final Four, like, vote Buffy, because while she had bad taste in men, at least she never dated Piz or Duncan. Also, while her show did fail hard at the end, nothing can match season 3 of Veronica Mars for sheer amount of fail. )

But come on, you know you want to vote Buffy. Why?
-Who cares how smart Sheldon is, she'd still kick his ass, and she's already got Willow and Giles to be the brains-both WAY nicer and better looking than Sheldon.
-I have Buffy in the pool as winning this whole thing. Come on, help a girl out here! (I did better on this than I have ever done with a March Madness bracket, which possibly tells you all too much about me.)
-The Sheldon fans are cheating WAY more than the Buffy fans(as of this post), because they know Buffy is going to SLAY HIM. :p
-You were obsessed with Buffy and her show before Sheldon Cooper existed.
-If you ran into either one, Buffy might say a few strange things, but she'd at least be nice to you, while Sheldon would be a condescending ass. Then Buffy would stand up for you against the snarky bully, because she's that least in the first few seasons.
-Sheldon, being a sci-fi and comic book nerd, would totally vote for Buffy.

Vote Buffy

All joking aside, I do like Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory a lot, but Team Buffy all the way.

Wait. It's an LJ series of tubespolls. Why be serious about this at all? =D

And I have a serious hankering for some Buffy. Also...I lost disk 2 of season 4. FUCK.
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Something else. For those who are too addicted to TV for words. So go vote for your favorite show in four categories, and be pleased that you did something to waste a few minutes of time in something that is taken as serious business...but is not. Much like March Madness. :p

x-posted to [ profile] idiotboxworship
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Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions:

1. The first character I first fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
6. The character I would shag anytime:
7. The character I'd want to be like:
8. The character I'd slap:
9. A pairing that I love:
10. A pairing that I despise:
11. Favorite character:
12. My five favorite characters:
13. My five least favorite characters:
14. Which character I am most like:
15. My deep, dark fandom secret:

I was given Daria, Psych, and Veronica Mars from [ profile] carolbrown

Daria )

Psych...what the hell, we'll go alphabetical. :p )

Veronica Mars...a long time ago, we used to be friends...and then it crashed and burned so very badly. )
meimichan: (Criminal Minds: Reid smiling) is having a massive sale on TV shows right now, 45-67% off for a lot of shows. So if you've got cash and a DVD deficiency at the moment, have fun!
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Jason got his second FOAD because we made the ill-fated decision to check our mail after buying the good ramen across the street.

We're drinking. Heavily.

Also watching just about every episode of Big Bang Theory. Not often I come across a show Jason and I both love. Yes Josh, sorry. :p


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